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Western Massachusetts submale seeking dom bull or couple

I was in a FLR relationship for over 10 years. I am a well educated businessman who loved cunillingus more than intercourse. My exwife was fine with that since when we tried intercourse i never made it through penetration. I would please her orally and she would ler me masturbate while sniffing and sucking her panties. I was happy, but of course she wanted dick and cuckolded me. I was soon eating cream-pie and she started making me eat my cum when i masturbated.
Then she told me i was to wear panties, and sleep in nightgowns. This turned us both on and soon she was pegging me at night. I learned to cum from anal sex, and was also forced to practice sucking her cock.
She had her bulls start coming over, and a huge black man decided to take my manhood by forcing me to suck his cock in front of her. To my surprise she was forcing my head down on his beautiful cock. Soon he face fucked me until he came while she held me and forced me to swallow it. I was then made to thank him and beg him to please my wife. I did and all the time i was tasting his cum listening to them fuck and wishing i was her not him.
Eventually i was restricted from pussy but i didn't care. I still got to eat her cum filled vagina, but all i wanted was to be a black mans slut. I dreamed of being his wife.
She left me now and i am lonely.

I want to suck black cock. I want femaledomination. I would love to be completely feminized.
Please someone, I want to serve my betters