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I'm the husband of a really great couple. ...started on sharing my beautiful wife with black 2 years ago. ...the first time was great with a 55 years old man. ..i had to drink and get drunk. ..because I'm jealous. ...after that i shared her 3 more times. ...with 3 different guys younger than him and i got so freaking jealous after i cum. ...and stopped it.....i really love sharing thinking her with others but my problem is the jealousy. ....believe or not while i fuck her i always imagine her taking 3,4,5 and even 10 cocks at the same time and it make me cum in 5/10 minutes It's starting to be an obsession. ...im looking for the right people in nj/ny/pa extremely respectful and be able to help me with my problem....i prefer black but im fine with white too....she always ask me when i organize some even with 3 guys. ...she is ready for 3 and i'm pretty sure that she can handle more. ....so if someone is interested inbox me but remember that i could stop it if i feel uncomfortable. .....if i will feel comfortable we'll have a great time. ....im fine with anything i can concede to fuck her into her ass too and even make her swallow cum if you're able to convince her. ...im trying to convince her on swallow cum but she doesn't like it. ....anyway i look forward to receive a lot of messages. ..we're real i will send pics. ...