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We are a Iowa couple saying hi.

Sir I am sorry that you feel that way. No we are not racist. How can I be racist I am white? We enjoy the company of black men. My husband is very well hung but we love the taboo/ contrast/ being naughty which makes it fun. If you don't except how we feel just move on.


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you are Racist and you know it
Um, you're on a website that celebrates interracial sex/relationships, and you have a problem with a white woman that prefers black men. It sounds like you are a troublemaker, you stumbled onto the wrong site, or you have unrealistic expectations of this site based on your lack of understanding of this site's purpose. Please read our Mission Statement and our Rules and Terms before making further posts. If after that the idea of a woman having the free will to choose her sexual partners based on her preferences is still abhorrent to you, then it would probably be best for everyone if you left the site.