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Wannabe, with few hope

White male in his mid 30s here, living in France. I have an asian girlfriend that's practically my wife - we're not married but we've known each other for almost 10 years and have been living together for the better part of that.
I've always been a heavy consumer of porn. I guess I've always more or less been fond of contrast and interracial, since I've always liked asian women. One thing leading to another, I've grown to like interracial porn that featured black men.
I somehow ended up wanking way too much, and looked for ways to fight that. I stumbled upon chastity cages as a solution. And I also stumbled upon things that are often linked to chastity cages... namely cuckolding. Ideas made their ways, and now I'd really like to see another man please my wife - especially if his skin tone is way darker than hers.
So here I am, to chat, may be find ressources to try and convince my beloved one to bite the forbidden fruit?