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UK white couple seek well-hung black men

Number of black guys to join MrT in gangbanging MrsT?

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Hi we're a white couple from the midland and we'd like to get some big-dicked black men together to gangbang MrsT,preferably bareback with MrT also joining in the fun.Any guys out there that fancy gangbanging a petite white MILF please get in touch xxxx
Hi RickyBlack and Bless-One :) are you guys up for gangbanging a white MILF that's very keen to have her first experience of big black cock?We'd love you to bareback MrsT so she is left a sticky well-fucked mess,have you guys been tested? Xx
Hi HugeBlackSnake,we will post pictures soon,using a phone to get on here at present so will post pictures when we use the laptop :) Bless-one,what would you like us to check? Xx
Not open for further replies.