UK slutwife for photoshopping

can you photoshop her so we can see how she will look with BBC. I will give more pics of her to the best "fakes" and if she gets excited by the results and you live in the UK then we may arrange a meeting...
To start we want to see her photoshopped please
love the work with her as it currently is, less excited about chaging her face and hair dramatically as a blonde etc, unless a shorter cut hairstyle like she currently has.
would like to see her as the hot COUGAR she is now, she has a thing for younger lads aged 18 - 24 and i think BBC excites her a lot too.
I like seeing her in erotic situations, ie dressed to kill in a club or on a street corner as a hooker etc, as well as with lovers. would also like to see her face smothered in some BBC cum..

can you do fakes where a lover/s are placed alongside her in her pictures too?

if we can get a thing going here i would liek to send you more hi res pics of her to work on.

as an example, in that first pic i supplied, i reckon she would look sensational if she had a lover on tyhe left side as it would look like she had her arm around him...
never done a photoshop myself as dont have the programme or anything similar on PC, but would love to try if i had the chance.
can i see some more examples of how you see her with her lovers etc...?
In meantime, i will upload some more either direct and private to you or on the thread you tell me too.
Cant wait to see your next set of fakes in the meantime,