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    I'm a 25 y/o professional black male, and I love older, mature white women. I'm college educated, well-spoken & cultured, about 8" long & I'm thick as well. Extreme stamina, love going multiple rounds in the bedroom. Most attracted to conservative women you'd never think are just as sex-crazed as me. The older the better, love women in their 40s, 50s & 60s. Looking for a long-term friends with benefits situation where everyone can become comfortable with the whole arrangement. I myself am extremely passionate & open in the bedroom, but very well-groomed & preppy when out in public. Discretion is key, and I find it difficult to put myself out there like this when out in public b/c it is so taboo. So I decided to try out this site. I'm located in New Jersey. If you're interested, message me so that we can discuss things further...

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