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Totally new, totally excited

Do you live near Indiana

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[/IMG] hello all! We are totally new to sharing but am very excited to try new things. We are engaged to be married and we'd like to find a well endowed bull to dominate her while i help in any way you need. We really want to develop a long term relationship with someone that is experienced with couples. She is very sexual and is a perfect submissive partner for the right bull to make your own. We both want to have this relationship established before the wedding so he can dominate her as my wife. This is very exciting. I can't wait to meet you bulls! Xxxcuck@Yahoo.com im me for more pics and dirty talk 1430878496204.jpg
Thank you very much. I'm hoping to find a dominate black bull to be a long-term lover that can help me consummate our marriage. I'd actually like to lift the veil and find her face covered in fresh cum. Ahhhhhhhh
Oh I agree MMMMMMM
Do you let her fuck whoever she wants even if you aren't informed? Bc i think I'd like that. Maybe walk in on her with a couple of dominate bulls with monster cocks. Or getting the random phone call and all your hear is her screaming with pleasure. That's hot. As long as she tells me in full detail afterward I'm cool with that
It's sooooo hot having a gf that will share her body with strangers. Looking you in the eye while she rolls her tongue around the head of another man's huge cock. I'm so horny