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The White Native

The term had not gone particularly well for Debbie. She had been moved from a nice matriculation college on the eastern shore of Sydney to a rough outback mining town. Her pupils now consisted of a mixture of white and aboriginal children who were not the greatest learners. Although the younger children were keen and interested the older ones were an up hill battle.

One of the most difficult classes was her senior grade which was a class of six boys five white and one black and all were cheeky and full of themselves. She supposed that's the way it is when you're eighteen and way out in the whop whops. Most of the kids would follow their dads onto the farm or the mine, so it didn't really matter what they did at school. It was strange to get a class with just boys, but that was the way it panned out.
Of course added to that was the fact that she was a young teacher, and an attractive platinum blonde at that. With her 38D-25-35 figure she often caught the older boys staring at her chest, even though it was modestly covered. Of course because of the heat, along with the other teachers, she wore light weight clothes with open necks to try to keep as cool as possible.

This did little to hide her rather larger than normal chest. Many's the time she would be leaning over telling some boy how to do something when she would note him peering at the gap in her blouse, staring at her cleavage. She knew he could only see her very conservative bra, but sometimes she would find herself blushing at this unwanted attention. She never said anything, but tried to avoid it happening in the future. Of course she always wore calf length skirts, she wasn't giving them the chance to look up her skirt, no way hosay.

It was a particularly hot Friday when even the air conditioning did little to cool the stifling heat.
She was trying to get the senior boys interested in the history of the Roman Empire, but to no avail.The black boy Jonno was being particularly obnoxiousand against her own nature she got stuck into him, saying he had to listen if he wanted to get on and it was no good being a lazy abo, and as soon as the words slipped out of her mouth she knew she was in trouble.
"What you say, lazy abo, what do I want to learn this shit for, it's no good to me. You don't know nothing. You're just the same as the other white fellas, no fucking idea!"

Debbie was shocked, how could she have let herself get so upset, and say such a stupid thing. She tried to apologize, but the boy just pushed his books onto the floor and stormed out.Of course the other boys though it was a real hoot.
"You're in trouble now miss, his dad's on the Native land council and is very strong about racist remarks."
Debbie found herself trying to defend herself, but it only got worse. Fortunately the bell rang, and the boys charged out.

The rest of the day, went along alright. Luckily she managed to compose herself and by the afternoon had forgotten all about the incident, putting it down to another altercation. However she was abruptly reminded of it when during her free period at the end of the day Mrs Wilson the headmistress came in.
"Debbie, did something happen this morning in the senior group. Apparently Jonno stormed into the tutor group, picked up his swag and left, saying "he was finish with all this crap", I believe were the words used."

"Oh dear, well something did occur now you mention it."Debbie blushed as she told Mrs Wilson of the incident. She apologized saying that it would never happen again.
"Well, you're very silly Debbie coming here with those sorts of attitudes. It's not the same here as in the big city, where one can forget about our indigenous people, here you have to live with them. We have spent a long time building up a good relationship with them and a stuck up girl like you comes along and we are back to square one."
"I'm terribly sorry Mrs Wilson, I was just frustrated."
"Well here you have to keep those feelings to yourself. Knowing Jonno's dad it won't be the last we hear about it. Whatever happens you are not, and I repeat, Not to offend them again. One more incident and you will never get another teaching job in this state. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mrs Wilson, I'm terrible sorry, I just didn't think."
"Yes well the next time, remember to hold your tongue, these people have very strong traditions going back thousands of years, but for them it's as if they are as strong today as they ever were

The bell rang and the two women parted leaving Debbie to pack up her bags and the big pile of home work she had to mark and drive back to her rented house.
She was just about to make her dinner when there was a loud knocking at the door. She put down her peeler and opened the door to be confronted by a huge aboriginal man he must have been at least six foot and solid with it. He peered at her.
"You the teacher girl for my boy."
"I'm sorry who are you talking about."
Debbie started to have a bad feeling about this.
"Jonno, my boy, he said you called him a lazy abo, that right?"
"Well I must admit that during the class I di......."
"No crap, did you say that."

"Well yes, I suppose I did."
"Look whitey, you don't know nothing, come here with your big town ways, we's alright here, we don't need little girls like you to tell us what to do. My boy, he's a good boy and he works hard, just not your kind of working hard."
"Look I'm terribly sorry, the words just slipped out I didn't mean them."
"Of course you did, you white fellas are all the same, you never see what's in front of your face. Wake up girl, there's more to the world than books. You need to see the real places not these white fella places."

"Well I'm always ready to learn, maybe you can help me."
"Me, I got no time, I'm busy and it's not that easy, I can't just take you to our places. I have to see important men to do that."
The man paused, as he suddenly looked down, as if seeing Debbie for the first time. She felt a little uneasy as his eyes wandered down her body, automatically she hugged her hands over her chest.
"Let me think, I'll see what I can do, but remember I'm a busy man I don't want no messing about. This is important. I'll talk to Jonno as well. You will hear from me."
With which he turned around and walked away leaving Debbie heaving a sigh of relief. What had she got herself into now.

The weekend passed and she seemed to spend all her time doing homework and preparing for Monday. It was about five o'clock when there was a knock on the door. She opened it to find herself looking at Jonno's father again.
"I've sorted it, you be at Massa Milena's hut tomorrow at nine o'clock, he's our local medicine man, he will show you the way."
"But I can't, I've got classes, I can't just come with you."Don't you worry I've talked to Mrs Wilson, she said it will be ok, in fact she seemed very keen on the idea and told me to tell you to remember what she said."
"Oh, well then thank you, I will look forward to it, do I need to bring anything?"
"No nothing, you will be going to a traditional village. You just bring yourself, and don't be late. Massa he's not happy when people are late. You'll find his place out of town about five miles, look for a big tree on the left, with a termite nest in the roots, turn left there and just drive until you find it.
With which the big man again just turned and left."
"How extraordinary!" thought Debbie, as she closed the door.

That night she tossed and turned wondering about the next day, finally getting to sleep in the early hours. The alarm woke her with a shock.

She washed and over breakfast of coffee and toast, listened to the national news. It all seemed so far away out here in the outback. Collecting her bag she picked up her car keys and left the house, dressed in her "bush gear", khaki blouse and shorts, white socks and a pair of strong shoes.

She drove out looking for this big tree until as she'd been told, at about five miles outside she saw a track leading off by the very same. Her car bumped over the rutted track until about two miles off the road she found a large tin shed with an old white haired man sitting outside. She stopped the car and walked over to where he was sitting. She put out her hand to shake his, but he just ignored it.
Nervously she said.
"Hi, are you Mr Milena?"
The man took a while to look her over before he answered.
"So you're Jonno's teacher?"
"Yes, look I know I did........."
"Quiet women, you're hear to listen to me with you ears and to look with your eyes not with your head."
Debbie was taken back a bit by the man's gruff manner, and there was a power about him that made her feel like a little girl again.
"You're going to see our places now, where we are setting up a village as in the old days before you came here. It's a special place, sacred if you like, you understand. I need to know you understand.'
"Yes sir, I know what you mean."
"I wonder? Lot's of people been talked to, to do this, are you ready."

"Yes, I'm ready to go, look I've even got my bush gear on."Tracy said trying to lighten the moment. She tried to smile but the old man just looked at her.
"You don't need no white gear, today you are going to a real black fellas place like a black fellas woman, naked. So take off your clothes."
"What did you say?"
"What's the matter girl, you deaf as well as stupid?"
"Now look here I have no int......"
Debbie stopped hearing Mrs Wilson's words echo in her head "don't offend them again or you'll be out", but that didn't seem to include taking her clothes off before a perfect stranger, and a man at that.

The man just sat looking at her.

Debbie looked about to see if there was anyone around, but she could see nobody else. The door to the large hut was open but the inside was too dark to see inside. She listened, but there was just the sound of a bird in the distance.
"Alright, I'll do it."
She looked down at the ground unwilling to look the man in the face as she undid the buttons on her blouse. Parting the front and letting it slide down behind her. She looked around for somewhere to put it down,when the old man reached out his arm to take it. She passed it over, feeling very self conscious standing in her bra. Next came the skirt. Undoing the belt she unfastened the side buttons and slid it down her shapely legs. Again the man reached out and took the item as she stood before him in her undies. The clean white material contrasted strongly with her pink skin. She knew she was red faced, and not just from the gathering heat.He waited silently as she stood there in her bra and panties.
"Is this really necessary?"

There was no reply. Was she really going to go through with this, strip in front of a complete stranger? Again recalling Mrs Wilson's warning she realized she had little choice.

Slowly she slid her arms up behind her and unclipped her bra. It slid off her chest, leaving her breasts exposed to the man. Again he reached out to take the item, she leaned over and handed him the clothing, unsure as to whether to cover herself or not. Nervously, she found her arm automatically slide over her chest to hide her nipples. She could see the man's eyes flick over her body as she stood there.
Taking a deep breath she hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slid the only item of clothing remaining over her buttocks and down her legs. It caught on her shoes forcing her to bend over to slip it over her shoes, again leaving her large breasts exposed and swinging from her chest as she briefly hopped about. She grasped the panties and clutched them to her crotch.Again the man reached outand, sighing, Debbie passed over the panties, and stood naked before him her arm and hand covering her modesty.
"You can keep on the shoes as your feet are too soft for this country."

He rose, and walked into the hut with her clothes, leaving Debbie standing nude with her arm over her chest and her hand in her crutch feeling very vulnerable. Christ she'd never even done this in front of a doctor. She again stared around her, tense and nervous ready to run into the hut at the sign of anyone else. The sun was warm on her nakedness. It all felt very strange.

The man came out again, holding a red tin in his hand.
"In our culture when a woman touches herself," he indicated his chest and his crutch, "in front of a man it means she wants to have sex with him, is that what you want?"
Tracy quickly let her hands fall by her side completely exposing herself to his gaze, her breasts firm and pink tipped, and the prominent lips of her sex easily seen amongst her light pubic hair.
"Oh no! I mean no, I didn't know."
"Remember it, cos from now on it counts, this is our way, ok?"
"OK, I'll try to remember."Debbie said uncertainly, what had she got herself into here?
"This is going to be hard on you today are you really sure, totally, no turning back, no whining?"
"No sir, I'm ready for you to show me."
"Good, now before we can go anywhere you will have to be purified, have you had a crap this morning?"Debbie was shocked, what did the man mean by that and why should he ask?
"Er, well, yes early when I got up."
The old man came closer to her, making her feel even more nervous. He put his hand on her shoulder. She almost flinched.
"Turn round."
She did as she was told. Looking away into the distance.
"Now bend over and touch your toes, you'll find it easier if you hold your feet a little apart."

Debbie was stunned, not in her wildest thoughts last night had she expected this, but against her better judgment she did as she was told and bent over in front of him. Now her face really was burning as she exposed her vulva and anus to his gaze.
"Open your cunt for me."
Debbie shocked almost stood up there and then, but instead her hands went round behind her buttocks and feeling her labia pulled open the flaps and exposed her pink interior to the mans gaze.
"Hold it there."
She heard the top of the tin being unscrewed as she stared at the ground wondering what the man was doing. Suddenly she felt a cold feeling at the entrance to her vagina, and then before she could react the man had thrust his finger deep up inside her body. She yelped and went to stand to get away from this humiliation, when the man commanded her to stay where she was.

He removed his finger and again she was tried to rise.
"Stay there!"
Again a cold finger found her, only this time it was on her anus, and quickly as before the digit was thrust deep up her back passage this time she did pull away. Standing and staring at the man, her chest heaving."What are you doing?"
"You have been purified girl, to go to a sacred place, now you are ready. Follow me."
"What about my clothes, my bag."

"You won't be needing them girl. Come along."

With which the man shuffled past round the hut and started up a narrow track leaving Debbie to follow him, naked and abused.
Debbie was tempted to touch her cunt to find out what the man had put there but was unwilling to be seen touching herself. The man walked for a while and then stopped and motioned for Debbie to go ahead. He waved ahead.
"Follow the track, I'll follow you."
Debbie moved past him and carried on walking, ever conscious of her nudity in front of the strange man. Her cunt and anus had started to get warm, and she wondered what the old man had used to slip into her so easily, it certainly wasn't Vaseline as she could definitely feel them tingling.
They walked for what seemed ages, Debbie getting more and more nervous as they got further away from her clothes and security. The minutes seemed longer and longer and the path got smaller and smaller until Debbie wasn't sure if there was a path, and was not sure she could find her way back if she had to. The path led its way through low shrubs and small stunted trees, occasionally the shrubs would open out into a bare area, before re-entering into the bushes. She found the whole exercise quite bizarre although not totally unpleasant. She felt she could trust the old man. She even started to feel relaxed as she walked as naked as eve, well save for the shoes, through this primitive countryside.

After about twenty minutes of moving through the low shrubs and small trees, she thought she could hear water running. The track continued until it came to a small stream, across which there was an open space about 100 meters long. At the end there were several bark huts forming a rough oblong about fifty meters long and about twenty five across.
Debbie waited as the man came up to her. The tingling in her loins was definitely getting stronger, in fact she even started to feel a little horny, much against her will. She had to consciously stop her hand from moving to her crutch.
"See this place, this is Wakkalot's place, secret, special, you must go over the stream and run into the village and stand in front of the last hut."

He pointed with his hand,
"There you must wait silent with your eyes closed and you are not permitted to open them until you have been told to, do you understand? Remember no talking, silent, right? And no covering yourself!""Er yes, will you be coming with me?"Suddenly she felt she needed the old mans presence.
""No, I'm not dressed properly, so I cannot go over the stream. Go now."
"But how do I get back?"
Debbie felt even more agitated about being told to go naked and alone into the village, even though she could see no sign of anybody.
"No more questions, go, you are expected. And remember what I told you, now go, run."
With which he smacked her smartly on the buttocks driving her towards the stream.
Debbie jumped across the stream and doing as the old man directed ran naked towards the huts. Her unrestrained breasts bounced around on her chest as she pounded along. The distance seemed longer than she thought as her breath started to get shorter and shorter. Never before had she run this distance without a bra let alone naked. Finally she entered the village and ran to a halt in front of the last and largest hut. Breathing heavily she closed her eyes as instructed and stood there her hands by her sides. Never before in her life had she felt more vulnerable. She had to fight against her natural desire to protect her privates from anyone seeing them.
She stood nude and alone, resisting the desire to open her eyes.
Did she hear something; yes someone was approaching her, no it sounded like several people. She desperately fought to keep her eyes closed.

She could sense the people walking around her, silent, nobody spoke.

The buzzing in her ears from nerves almost silenced all other noises. Several times they went around, until they stopped and there was quiet, did she hear a chuckle or was it her imagination. Maybe it was a bird. No there were several chuckles.

A deep mans voice spoke.
"Listen to me woman, you are in the village of Wakkalot. Your are his guest. This is a special place, special to my people to disobey me is to disobey my people. And this would offend them, you would not want to do that would you?
"No." She squeaked.

"When you open your eyes, you must not turn around just look forwards, do you understand?""Yes, I understand."
"Good now open your eyes."She opened her eyes to see standing in front of her Jonno's dad dressed in what she imagined must be traditional clothes. Her eyes were instantly drawn to his crutchwhere his manhood was wrapped in a long conical device made of reeds which was tucked into a string belt. Under the cone his hairy balls were exposed to view. He wore nothing else, save a smile on his face.
Her hands flew to her crutch and breasts, before a small voice in the back of her mind reminded her of the old mans warning. Slowly her hands returned to her side and she stood there fully exposed to the man's eyes.
"Ah. I see, that's how it is, is it?"
"No, I mean no I didn't ..."
"Silence, here you only talk when I tell you. I will tell you when and what you can do. This is my place, the sign you have given me is clear, all that matters now is the time and I will chose that. What are you doing here?"

"I thought I was invited to see this place, the medicine man told me you would show me your way."
"That's right and so you shall, but before that you must meet the rest of the party. And to help you not offer yourself to everyone present place you hands on your head, no hold your elbows back, that's better, stand up straight, now close you eyes and turn around."
Debbie turned around as directed, wondering who else was there.
There were more chuckles and soft whistles.
"Now repeat after me, I stand before you stripped of all prejudice, and hatred, open and naked in your presence. I am without weapons and I am without gifts but I give you my body, it is yours, I give it to you in trust and openness and I will obey your will. All that occurs here today is special, a secret matter, and will not leave this village."

Debbie repeated the words not really hearing them and wondering what they meant.
"Now remember keep you hands on your head, now you can open your eyes."
Debbie did as commanded and to her horror she found herself standing naked hands upon her head in front of her senior class of six boys including Jonno. She was so shocked she could do nothing but stand transfixed.
The boys whooped and laughed as she stood before them.
"Surprise, surprise!"
Debbie dropped her hands and covered her tits and crutch
. Her eyes focused on the boys crutches as they were also dressed as Jonno's dad, their cocks encased in the reed sheath and their hairy balls hanging underneath.
A smack across her buttocks from Jonno's dad brought her to her senses.

"Do you remember what you were told, have you forgotten so easily?"

Debbie realised her error."You can't mean all that, surely not."
"There is only our rules here, the rules of the tribe. You said you wanted to see our ways, we can go and I will tell Mrs Wilson that you have no respect for our ways, who knows what she will do, as she did say you were anxious to make amends."
"Well, surely you don't expect me to er, well, er you know what with all these boys?"
"Here I am the judge, these boys are under the age for copulation, so they would not be permitted to mate with you, however there are other ways for you to fulfilling you obligation. Those ways are up to the tribal elders, which here means me. So you have to decide what you want to do, respect our laws and ways or go back. Quickly we only have a short time here."
Debbie knew she was caught, slowly she lowered her arms to her side and stood before them again fully exposed.
The boys eyes roamed her body and as the moments ticked by she noted that the reed sheaths were moving up their cocks until only the tips were encased in the reeds as they all sported huge erections.

The trouble was she could feel herself getting more and more horny. She found it impossible to look the boys in the face, But she could see they were grinning from ear to ear, enjoying every humiliating moment. Her gaze was drawn elsewhere as she continued to stare at their cocks. They were all shapes and sizes from long and thin to fat and short, but they were all rock hard.
"Turn around."
Debbie did as she was told and face Jonno's dad again. To her horror she noted that his cock was also erect and had thrust the reed case along it's length, Christ it must be about nine inches long.
"Let us begin, this is not to be rushed, we will enjoy the moment. Let's walk around and I will explain our small village."
With which for the next half an hour Debbie was paraded around the village nude in front of the boys as Jonno's father stood them in front of each hut explaining what this hut was for this and that one was for that. At no time was she ever invited into the huts even though the doors were wide open. The dark interiors hid whatever they had inside. He explained what the locals had done and how they had cleared this piece of land and how they had woven these roofs. Debbie for a short time forgot that she was nude and surrounded by her rampant pupils. She was impressed and started to hold a different opinion of Jonno.
"All this walking has made me thirsty. Let's see what we can find to eat or drink." Walking over to one of the huts the man returned with a skin bottle.
"Here woman run to the stream and fetch us some water."
With which he threw her the bottle.
"Go quick when a man tells you to do something, you go."
Debbie sighed and ran the full hundred yards back to the stream, where she filled the bottle, before running back. Her breasts again swung and gyrated on her chest as the boys and the man laughed amongst themselves.
"Let us find something to eat." They walked around the back of one of the huts to an old mango tree. Waking over to the trunk they stood looking up into the branches.
""Right woman climb up into this tree and throw us down some mangos."
"But I've not climbed trees for years."
"Come, place your foot here." With which he led here over to the tree and indicated where she was to place her foot.
"Now over to that one. Good, now to that one."
Debbie did as she was told until she was about six foot off the floor her legs wide open as she stretched her legs across the branches. The boys were rewarded with an uninterrupted view of her cunt. With her legs widely splayed, she could feel the lips of her vulva parting allowing a view of the pink entrance to her vagina, and her clitoris swollen from the horniness she was experiencing. Looking down she saw the boys staring at her opened sex a few feet away, nudging each other and grinning.
"Just wait there whilst we locate a few fruits. Can you see some boys, are you getting a good view?"
""Yes sir, they all chorused."After another fifteen minutes of being perched up in the tree Debbie had collected enough fruit to feed all the boys. She returned to the ground her face red and embarrassed.The boys grins had got bigger and bigger and so had their cocks, all of which were staining to be released.
They returned to the first hut and stood eating the fruit.

One was left at the end, which Jonno's dad tossed up and down.
"When we were younger we would play a game where one person stood in the middle and the others threw a fruit to each other whilst preventing the one in the middle from getting it. Let's just do that as we have a short time before we have to leave. Miss you can be in the middle."
For the next fifteen minutes, Debbie was made to jump and leap about whilst the boys tossed the fruit to each other. The boys again delighted in watching her breasts as they jiggled and jostled about on her, enjoying every minute. Finally having enough they stopped. Debbie breathed hard for the exertion, her chest rising and falling. They stood standing there for a minute whilst they recovered. Debbie's horniness throbbed in her loins.
"Of course there is one thing left to do before we leave. Woman you have an obligation to the tribe. Do you remember?"
"Yes, I remember, but do I have to do it?"
"You agreed before we came to this sacred place not to offend the rules of the tribe, will you agree to that or not? It has to be all or nothing."

The boys chuckled as they heard the conversation. Debbie thought for a moment, and realized she would have to go along as she had given her word, to Jonno's father and to the medicine man.
"Alright I'll obey your command."
"Good, come over here."
He stood on front of a stump of wood, and reaching down released the reed covering form around his cock. It sprang to attention on his belly and it was a good nine inches long. Debbie stared at the erection, her cunt glowing.
"Turn round, now bend over."
Debbie could not believe she was doing this in front of all these boys, her students. She knew she had to go through with this as she had given her word, so reluctantly she bent over, exposing herself to the men. She soon felt the man behind her, his cock nuzzling her cunt, which was wet from her horniness, so the cock slid easily into her vagina.It felt so good as she closed her eyes enjoying the cock stretching her sheath,but instead of fucking her there and then he withdrew his cock and before she knew what was happening drove the wet shaft up her arsehole."Arghh, oooh, no it's too big ahh!!"But Jonno's dad held her by the hips and dragged her back to sit impaled on his lap as he sat on the stump. He made no attempt to fuck her but moving his feet forced her to sit legs wide splayed in front of the boys his cock firmly up her arse. The boys stared at her cunt behind which the shaft of Jonno's dad's cock disappearing into their teacher body. The cunt was open and wet glistening in the sunlight, her fluids leaking from her vagina.
"Now open you eyes, that's right, now you will masturbate each of the boys, without letting their seed touch the ground as that is taboo, whilst at the same time playing with yourself."
Debbie was horrified, but her hands willingly find her opened labia, her finger eager for her clitoris. The first boy stood in front of her his cock stiff and exposed. She grasped the shaft and started to wank him. It didn't take long before she could feel him stiffen as she dragged him towards her his cum spurting over her breasts. She felt herself moaning as she also came her vagina pumping, and her anus squeezing the man's cock inside her.
Another boys stood in front of her and again she wanked him until he added his cum to the other splattered all over her naked breasts.
Again she came as well she could not believe how horny she felt.
One by one the boys ejaculated over her as she played with their cocks, none took longer than half a dozen pulls so horny were they feeling.
Finally the man lifted her buttocks and in three hard thrusts his cock stiffened and came inside her anus.Again she came as she felt his cock pulsing inside her.
The cock shrank and she was pushed off the mans lap. She stood in front of her pupils her breasts covered in glistening cum. How had she done this?
"You have done well woman, all the rules have been obeyed. It is time to leave, you boys go, but you must speak to no one of this, and you woman bath in the stream and then follow the path back to the old man. The track is marked you will see the way."
With which he pushed her away. She walked to the stream and as she lowered herself into the cool waters she turned back to the no empty village. It was if she had been dreaming.

The next day Mrs Wilson stopped Debbie in the corridor.
"Hi Debbie, how did the meeting with Jonno's dad go?"
Debbie blushed but fortunately the corridor was dark and so Mrs Wilson did not notice.

"Oh, ok, it was interesting to know about Wakkalot and to hear about the traditional village." Tracy said without expanding.

Mrs Wilson shook her head.
"Wakkalot? Traditional Village? You must have misheard him, the local deity is Ginajarra. And, as for a village, well the only native village I know of is that one over the back of old Jo's place. The film company had the locals build it, you know where they are filming that native drama. I believe they chose that place because they could leave all their film and video equipment there as Old Jo, one of our ex-janitors, looks after it. No matter, as long as you had a good time, now I must get on, 5B are a real nuisance this year."
Several months later on the other side of the world, a film called "The White Native", sold thousands of copies on the porno market, and is destined to become a classic, oh, and I believe Jonno's dad has a new car as well.
Debbie had no more trouble from her senior group, as if by magic they were polite and courteous, and listened to what she said. Nothing was ever mentioned about that day.

So on the last day of the term Jonno could be excused for being surprised when his young history teacher came up to him when he was packing his bag for the last time, and said.

"Jonno, I wonder if you would ask your father whether he could arrange another trip to your tribal village, I will be free this Sunday, maybe he would give me a call on this number."
With which she handed him a piece of paper with a phone number, and smiled as she walked away.