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    First of all i want to apologize to everybody who I deliberately lead to believe that i'm a solo girl posting here. Truth is that I am Mrs.T 's husband. Pics are really of my wife and i have big desire to watch her with another man, specially with black man. So if moderators decide, they can freely suspend my profile or whatever. Please dont be mad at me, i'm working on bringing her here... I'm happy to tell you that we made first step and discussed about her being shared with others. She was not for that at the beginning but later she got into the role and we made dirty talks during our sex... She came like never that time,and i'm convinced that i will make her try another man.
    Thank you everybody and sorry again!
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    Welcome! your wife has nothing to lose by participating, and bring her to interact directly with us! I want to see pictures of her, know what I want!