The morning after


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As I woke , my body was still tingling , lying there remembering the night of lust and sex I started to wet up , feeling my very open cunt I licked my fingers and tasted the left over cum.
In the bathroom I combed my hair and stood looking at my naked body , as I looked in the mirror I could see Jim move and the sheets slide away from his body exposing his huge cock resting on his thigh , staring , I became so turned on I went weak at the knees , Jim must have noticed , because his cock started to grow , his hand went to it and pointed towards me , come sit on this he said , I went to the bed and mounted Jim his cock went in to his balls as I gripped it and rose I came so hard I nearly passed out.
Forgetting we had visitors and becoming very noisy as Jim fucked me I became aware we weren't alone , his friend had heard us at it and came to see what all the noise was about.
Jim told me to suck Sams cock , Sam stood over Jim and fed me his cock , I was in heaven , to make things even better was the smell of stale sex from the night before , Jim and Sam fucked me for an hour finally emptying there cum in all my holes , then we cleaned ourselves up and went for breakfast.