The day I found my place at black womens feet

The first time I saw a white woman become a black woman's bitch I was in high school. My girlfriend was well built for a white girl, pretty, big boobs, blond hair and blue eyes. She was a cheerleader and sort of snobby, but she loved me. She became friends with a black girl on the cheerleading squad, a black girl that would come to own us both. We were at the black girl's house one day and everything was fine, but I came back from the bathroom to a sight that would change me forever. I don't know what happened or how my girlfriend made the black girl angry, but there was my girlfriend laying on her stomach with the black girl pinning my girlfriends elbows down with her knees. The black girl had one hand half smothering my girlfriend... and her other hand was reached back to where my girlfriends skirt was flipped up and her panties were pushed to the side. The black girl had two fingers knuckle-deep in my girlfriends asshole. I had never done anal with my girlfriend before and my girlfriend was begging the black girl to stop through the smothering.

I was stunned and couldn't say a word, but my cock instantly went hard and when the black girl saw that it sealed my girlfriends fate. She grinned and pointed out that my cock had gotten hard and that I was enjoying seeing my girlfriend on the ground under a black girl... and I was. In a flash my girlfriends top and skirt were pulled off and she was flipped over, again getting pinned by the black girls knees. The black girl snatched off her own skirt to reveal that she wasn't wearing any panties and immediately began to grind her pussy into my girlfriends mouth. I couldn't hear what my girlfriend was trying to say, but I know just the same. She was trying to say that she wasn't a lesbian and was begging for the black girl to stop. Little did she know that this was just the beginning. The black girl continued to grind on my girlfriends face and commanded her to begin licking and sucking. She reached back and twisted my girlfriends nipples very hard to make sure my girlfriend obeyed. After a time the black girl grabbed my girlfriends hair and forced her pussy onto my girlfriends mouth extremely hard. I know my girlfriend was thinking the same thing that I was. The black girl was about to cum. She wasn't. The black girl began pissing in my girlfriends mouth before she knew what was happening. My girlfriend began to thrash and tried to get her mouth away, which was forced open by the weight of the black girl on her lower jaw, but that just caused urine to splash out over her mouth.. onto her face, into her hair, and she even shot a significant amount of urine out of her nose. It was everywhere, my girlfriend was covered in the black girls urine while the black girl laughed and said "I marked you now. You're my property now, white bitch". And so she was... we both were. I was so turned on seeing my girlfriend so dominated by this sexy black girl. Then something else happened. I thought it was over, but it was my turn to obey. The black girl ordered me to remove my clothes and I did. She then said to my girlfriend that even black ass is better than white pussy and that she was going to prove it.

That was when I was ordered to fuck the black girl anally while she continued to grind on my girlfriends piss covered white face. I instinctively leaned forward and gave a hard lick to her asshole before inserting myself. She was so right. Her black ass felt far better than my white girlfriends pussy. It made me want to cum immediately, but I refused to. I knew how lucky I was and wouldn't spoil it. I could hear my girlfriend crying because she knew that her boyfriend was fucking another woman... a black woman. She cried even harder when the black girl asked me if I liked her ass better than my girlfriend's pussy and I replied honestly... that the black ass was far superior to my girlfriend's white pussy. I found myself yelling out how wonderful it felt and how much better it felt than fucking my girlfriend. I was so turned on that I didn't even think about what I was saying. The black girl played with her clit while my girlfriend had her tongue in the sweet black pussy and I slid in and out of her incredible black ass. Eventually the black girl had a squirting orgasm all over my girlfriend's face. Shortly afterward I said that I had to cum, because I couldn't hold it any longer, and I was ordered not to pull out. I came a lot. When I was done and ordered to remove my cock something shocking again happened and I suddenly knew why I was really ordered (allowed) to do this. The black girl shifted forward while forcing my girlfriends mouth open with her hands. The black girl then began to push the cum out of her ass and into my girlfriends mouth. She forced my girlfriend to swallow it and then lick her ass clean. Some of the cum had made its way onto my girlfriends face and had a slight dirty tinge to it. My girlfriend's pretty white face was soaked and covered with everything imaginable, her hair was soaked too and her mascara was all over her face. If anyone ever found out about this then my girlfriend would be publicly humiliated and she couldn't handle that. The black girl knew that and told her that she would come over again every day or that the black girl would tell everyone what happened. My girlfriend was officially the superior black girl's slave bitch.. and so was I. After a time my girlfriend was no longer unwilling, but rather an eager slave, but never as eager as I was. We came to love being her rightful property.
This was so stupid i didnt dare try to read it all. This is never how it happens. Black people dont have to force this shit. White men and women beg to be submissive oral slaves especially to black women. I have to pry white tongues out of my asshole. Most want to be my toilet.
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This was so stupid i didnt dare try to read it all. This is never how it happens. Black people dont have to force rhus shit. White men and women beg to be submissive oral slaves especially to black women. I have to pry white tongues out of my asshole. Most want to be my toilet.
Agree, pure fantasy.... from a true sub that would beg for your asshole as well...