The Cocktail Party

I was exhausted after spending the last 15 hours in airports. A simple flight from Atlanta to San Diego turned into a trip involving four different airplanes, and stops in Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Bad thunderstorms were messing up air traffic all over the country, but San Diego was beautiful, as always. The cab driver dropped me off at my La Jolla condo, and made some comment about how it must be nice living in a place like this. Life had treated me well since I went to work for PJ. The money was rolling in, and I had upgraded my standard of living considerably. My apartment had a nice view of the La Jolla Cove, but I didn't have much time to enjoy it; the message waiting light was flashing, and, sure enough, it was PJ, and with him, it was always urgent.

"Emma, call me as soon as you get home...gotta real me."

I called his cell, and he answered right away, "What took you so long to call? I know you got in hours ago."

It was funny....the guy was clueless as to what was going on in other parts of the country. I told him my tale of woe, and he was not the least bit if I should have control over the weather because he had a business to run. After a push from him and a push back from me, he asked me about a client I had been with in Coronado, a retired admiral. I remembered the guy, a very arrogant, pompous old black man. I had spent the night with him at his home while his wife was out of town. He paid me extra to video our sessions. He was a Viagra junkie and kept me up all night...nothing weird, just a lot of fucking.

"Yeah PJ, I remember the dude. He was okay...gave me a nice tip after kind of wearing me out. I remember doing him "cowgirl," and while he was sucking on my nipples, I was staring at a portrait of him and his wife that hung over the headboard. She seemed to be giving me the stink eye."

PJ laughed, "Well, you get to meet her in person tonight. The admiral and his Mrs. Admiral have invited you and the escort of your choice, that being Richard, to a cocktail party. So get your pretty little ass ready, a limo will pick you two up at your place at 9:00 pm sharp. By the way, just so you know, he was the first black officer to ever be promoted to admiral. That's where he gets that air of importance

I looked at the clock, it was already time for a nap, was always like this.

I undressed and showered quickly, but Richard screwed up my routine by showing up early. I was still in my panties when the doorman called to let me know he was waiting. I told the guy to tell him I'd be down in 10, but he said Richard was already on his way up on the elevator.

I let him in with a big hug and kiss. We had been hot and heavy with each other for a while, but it had tapered off in recent months. We still slept together on occasion, and I think he cared for me but our working relationship complicated things. He was always bugging me for the details of my sexual encounters with the clients and seemed to get off on what I told him.

Richard handed me a garment bag and said, "Take off those undies. Everything you're going to need is in here, and they want you to use this. He handed me a small sample size bottle of Hermes.

I opened the bag and found a nice little black dress, black fishnet stockings, a garter belt, and a nice pair of jimmy Choo stilettos. "So no underpants, Richard?"

"No, not this time. You're going to be the party slut."

I just shrugged, "Do you know what's going down?"

"No. I asked PJ, and he told me to tell you it was to be a surprise. These are a couple of twisted old fucks though. PJ said that she saw the video of her old man fucking you. Part of her act is to confront you in front of her guests."

I rolled my eyes, "So who are these guests?"

"PJ thinks they are Navy people who used to work for him. We're just supposed to play it by ear, and I'll be with you to make sure things don't get too crazy."

I put on the garter belt and stockings, and stood befor the mirror to check me out. I had been laying out on my patio a lot during the summer months, and my normally olive colored skin was tanned to a golden brown tint, much darker between my legs. I had just been waxed before th Atlanta job, so my pussy was still soft and smooth. My labia seemed to be getting fleshier, perhaps,from all the "Big Dick" fucking I had been getting...they were almost like little puppy ears. In the reflection of the mirror I could see Richard looking at me.

"Hey girl, think we got time for a quicky?"

"No Richard, no quickies." I put the dress on, there was not much to it, cut to show cleavage and split up the left thigh...would have to be careful with no panties.

We met the limousine and started traveling south on I-5. I had presumed we were going to the residence on Coronado Island, but the driver continued southbound, passing the turnoff for the bridge. We drove all the way to the Mexican Border and into Tijuana. We were met by a uniformed officer after crossing into Mexico. He handed us blind folds and said, "put these on por favor. Security es muy importante."

With the blindfolds in place we drove another thirty minutes, and I heard the sounds of a gate opening. The officer who accompanied us removed my blindfold, and I could see that we were at a ranch. There was a big stone house that was all lit up, and several limousines were parked in front. It seemed there were a lot of security personnel who were heavily armed.

Richard took me by the hand and I asked him, "What did we get ourselves into?"

"I'm not sure, but let's go in...see what's happening."

We walked through two heavy wooden doors into a great room that had apparently been cleared for the gathering. There were only a few couples, and I was puzzled as to why there was so much wait staff and security people. Most of the guests were in formal attire, and I felt really out of place dressed as I was, and Riichard was only wearing a sports coat. A waiter offered us champaigne, and I drank mine down pretty fast. It was then that I noticed the woman from the portrait looking at me. She was standing beside her husband and whispered something to him while we made eye contact. She left her husband's side and began walking toward me. I shifted my weight and unconsciously squeezed my thighs together. I felt naked, and realized this was going to be some kind of major humiliation trip.

She walked right up to me, completely ignoring Richard, and introduced herself as Jacqueline. She handed me another glass of champaigne for one of the server's trays and asked me if I liked the the party so far. I said I did, and thanked her for inviting us.

She took me by the arm and walked me away from Richard, "Oh, it's the least I could do after you were kind enough to visit my husband in our home and fuck him in my bed. Tell me dear, did you Like our house?"

"Yes, in fact my compliments to you Jacqueline. your home is beautiful."

Her eyes were still glaring, "So I understand you are Some kind of entertainer. Are you going to perform for us tonight?"

That caught me off guard. I certainly hadn't planned on dancing, "Oh, I suppose I could if you'd like to set something up for me, I could give it a try."

"well my dear, let's just see how it goes, shall we? Please excuse me, I have to make an announcement."

Jacqueline returned to the center of room and called for everyone's attention.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have a special guest with us tonight, and she has offered to perform for us. Emma, please come here with me."

I left Richard's side and joined our hostess and her husband. She took my hand and said, "This little girl entertained my husband while I was in the hospital recently, and she has graciously offered to share her act with us. Let me give you a preview of what's in store."

She activated a remote for the giant screen television and there I was, nude and speadeagled on their bed. I was masturbating for the admiral, but you couldn't see him because he was taking the video. Her guests watched with detached interest as I moaned and writhed as I finger fucked myself and twisted my nipples.
The Admiral told me he wanted me to be noisy, so instead of my usual panting and low volume moans, I was loudly begging him to fuck me. I rolled onto my stomach and put my ass up high, the guests heard me beg the admiral to fuck my ass as I pushed my index finger deep into my anus. At this point, the camera shot shifted to the portrait, and the disapproving glare of Jacqueline, then back to me as I pumped my hips in the throes of a real intense orgasm.

At this point Jaqueline stopped the video. She stood silent for a moment, and then said, "So my friends, this woman comes into my house, puts her naked body on my bed and, in an attempt to seduce my faithful husband, she tempts him by masturbating. I want to punish her in the dungeon, but you the jury have to find her guilty of this crime against my husband and I."

One by one each of the guests declared me guilty, and Jacqueline called to two of the security guards, Samuel and Khalid, "Bring the guilty whore forward."

The two men took me by the arms and stood me on raised platform that had been placed on the floor. With a nod from the admiral's wife, they removed my dress. The garter belt and fishnet stockings framed the bareness between my legs, and Jacqueline looked at me with disgust, "Look at this woman, just look at her. To come to a beautiful house like this, dressed like that, with no bra or panties. What filth you are. Were you going to try again to fuck my husband right here in front of me?

The intense humiliation affected me sexually. I knew I was in for some fucking. My vagina was wetting itself in anticipation, and my nipples were erect and aching to be suckled.

The other guests were murmering amongst themselves, and they began calling for me to be taken to the dungeon. Samuel and Khalid finished undressing me in front of everyone and them Khalid clamped his hand on the back of my neck and marched me toward a steel framed door at the far end of the room. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Richard following along. The door opened with a screech of metal hinges grating, and Samuel turned on a light that dimly lit a stairwell going down two flights.

At the bottom of the stairs we began walking down a narrow passage. I felt the dirt and grime from the filthy floor with my feet as I walked, and the air seemed to get colder. I got goose flesh from the chill and my nipples tightened even more. We came to another door which opened into an anteroom. The walls were stone and whips, chains, hand and ankle cuffs, and a variety of other restraints hung from hooks. In the center of the room there appeared to be something that looked like a crucifix. I was led to it, and Khalid told me to grab the pegs that protruded from the arms of the crucifix. He and Samuel then restrained my arms with Velcro straps.

At this point, Khalid pulled some stops from the base of the crucifix and slowly tilted it back. I was flat on my back now, and the men took my bare feet and applied soft leather loops around each of my big toes. Someone turned on a switch, and an electric motor began turning and pulled my legs back, fully exposing my anus and genitals. The admiral's wife came over to check my position and ordered Khalid to pull my legs back further. She made a comment about my dirty feet and had Samuel clean them with a rag.

She ran her finger along my slit and indicated she was ready to punish me. Khalid took a tube of lubricant and squeezed a,large, cold glob of it onto my vagina. I jumped when it hit, and felt him using his finger to lubricate my anus. Samuel the took a small anal egg device and inserted it into my rectum. He activated it, and I felt the vibrations deep inside of me.

Samuel handed Jacqueline a long wooden rod that looked like a modified pool que, and she went to a box, selecting a long thick black dildo which she affixed to the end of the rod. She then put it by my mouth and said, "You like black dick, now open up." I shook my head, "No," but she forced my mouth open by pinching my nose shut and jammed the toy inside. It was soft and pliable, but she was gagging me with it.

"I want you to know that that rubber cock was in my cunt last night, and it hasn't been washed. Enjoy it for a while."

She toyed with me for a few minutes then withdrew her dildo and rubbed it across the lubricant on my pussy. Once it was well coated and greased, she placed the tip at my vaginal,orafice and pushed it in roughly, causing me to gasp and cry out. She began fucking me with it, varying the stroke and twisting it in her hands. After I had gotten over the initial shock of her violent penetration, I began to respond sexually to,the stimulation. My tormentor sensed she was giving me pleasure and focused on giving me a good fucking. Then, one by one, she invited her guests to have a turn. They all seemed to approach the table at once. Those who weren't using the dildo on me were touching me everywhere. I felt a finger in my ass trying to push the egg in deeper, and both of my nipples were being pinched mercilessly.

Jacqueline enjoyed my humiliation for several minutes and the called everyone off. Turning to the two security guards, she said, Samuel, you fuck her, Khalid, put your cock in her mouth. Samuel took the loops off of my toes, allowing me to relax for a moment while he and his partner got undressed. I watched them as they disrobed. They were not physically big men, but both were body builders. Their muscular,black bodies were completely shaved from head to toe. They were already fully erect from watching my sexual exploitation. Samuel moved between my legs and pulled the egg out of my ass. He then positioned himself and his 9 inch cock penetrated me with one stroke. His cock felt as if it were burning hot compared to the dildo that had been in me.

I wrapped my legs around his small waist and held him tightly as he fucked me. Khalid had taken his place by my head and holding my head and neck gently, he offered me his cock. His cock was long and slender, and I pulled back on his foreskin and eagerly took him with my mouth. I found his male g-spot and worked it with my tongue. Khalid was soon gasping and then flooded me with his cum. I swallowed what I could and shifted my attention back to Samuel. All of the dildo fucking and lubricant had loosened my pussy, so I moved my legs from his waist to a position where my feet were on his chest. I knew men like this kind of fucking, and before long his big black cock was ejaculating his seeds deep inside of me.

The two men then switch positions with Khalid fucking me and Samuel getting a blow job. Khalid held my ass just as I like it and began thrusting. Even with Samuel's big cock in my mouth, I was totally into the way he was fucking me...long strokes and good hip action which enabled him to hit me in all the right places. My orgasm coincided with Samuel cumming in my mouth, and he was followed closely by Khalid's second ejaculation.

As I lay there thinking I was through, at last Jacqueline had one more treat. She invited her male guests to jack off on my nude body. She released my arms and directed me to rub the semen into my body as they came on me. It seemed like an endless procession with even the admiral taking a turn. The feeling of that hot jizz hitting my body was extremely erotic, and I had two more orgasms as I smeared their cum on my skin.

Finally, they were all finished with me. Richard and I were the only ones left in the dungeon. He had my clothes in the garment bag and gave me a fleece warm up jacket and pants to wear. He helped me wash and looked me over very closely to ensure I was okay.

As we climbed the stairs, he asked me how I felt.

"I feel pretty worn out. Gotta admit, that was a first for me. It was an incredible turn on. How much did I make for this job?"

"This is getting into the big leagues for you. These were some wealthy people. You're only getting a couple thousand for tonight, but these people will be asking for you. Gotta be careful though with this crowd. Sometimes they think their money can buy them anything."

I asked Richard what he would have done if things got outta hand. He assured me everything was under control. "Khalid and Samuel are in our gang. And some of the other security people who were here are with us even though the admiral thinks he owns them. I won't ever let anything happen to you...aside from that little pussy of yours getting beat up,a bit."

We got,in our limousine, put the blindfolds on, and headed for home. I snuggled up next to Richard and quickly fell asleep. I don't remember arriving at my apartment, but at noon the following day I was back in La Jolla, in my bed, and naked.