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    As hosted by: @bigblackbull76

    Interview with: @SecretPlayWife (QoS VIP #6)

    Hometown: Inland Empire, SoCAL, US

    Nationality: American PAWG

    Status: QoS/Hot/SecretPlay Wife

    BigBlackBull76 (BBB76): So after a little hiatus, it's finally here. Behold the latest QoS VIP feature Interview. This couple just recently became members on the site and has instantly made a Big splash. They’ve even met another Real member of this site within only a few weeks of joining. They immediately caught the attention of our site founder @FunnyBunny, myself, and many other members on here in which we all knew they were a ‘tour de force’ on the rise to watch out for. Looks like they are on their way to achieve the 'Rock-star' status in record time.

    So it is my pleasure to welcome and host the @SecretPlayWife couple to the QoS VIP lounge and thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. A BigBlackBull Spade Champagne toast out to you and welcome to the exclusive club. :bigsmile: and :lips: to the hot/playwife.

    Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 7.36.44 PM.png
    SecretPlayWife (SPW): It’s fun to be talking to the king of BtW. No offense to the other hot guys but you seem to be everywhere, and, um, in every woman. (chuckles)

    BBB76: ROTFL, oh you think so huh. That gave me a really good laugh. To quote King Henry IV “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown”. After all now I'm expected to uphold the kingdom doing all these interviews, fulfilling more demands and requests every day from everyone about meeting, etc. lest my head end-up in an executioner’s basket like King Louis XVI.

    So let’s kick this off with the question we all like to know up front. How old were you when you started having sex with black men and what made you want to start fucking Black studs?

    SPW: You mean how old was I when I first had sex with a black man? Or how old was I when I began having sex with black men while being married to a white one?

    BBB76: lol, well I can see this is going to be a quite the interview. Tell us about both if you would please.

    SPW: In my mid-twenties I had a couple of black boyfriends and enjoyed the sex with them immensely. But I didn’t think of it as an obsession or requirement thing back then. I really wasn’t as sexually-driven then as I am now. Sad to report, I never orgasmed with ANYone at that point—no matter how great it felt, I just never made it over the top—so even though I liked sex I wasn’t the addict I am now. Once I got married, I didn’t think about any of my old boyfriends too much.

    BBB76: Oh really, that’s interesting. So when did your addiction kick in?

    SPW: It actually took a while to build up to addiction… I started playing as a hotwife in my mid-forties. Once we became empty nesters, I finally agreed to try it. Hey, I had to find a new hobby that wasn’t about being a mom! At first, I was playing with guys from a variety of races, it was sort of a test drive time for us to decide what we really wanted from this new lifestyle. So far it was just me meeting the guys and coming home to tell hubby what happened (and have frantic take-back sex, of course). Then things really heated up. I agreed to rendezvous with a black guy at a motel and he agreed to let hubby join us once he got off of work. Remember how excited we were, honey? Wow! It was in that first half hour before you arrived that something happened that really changed my world AND started that addiction!

    BBB76: And that was…?

    SPW: He made me climax. And he made me squirt.

    SPW HUSBAND: She had never done that before. She had never come during sex, except as part of foreplay or afterplay with a vibrator, and always clitorally.

    BBB76: Ha,ha I see. So that black dynamite helped to set off some new explosions in ya huh?

    SPW: Oh my god yes. I actually… it actually freaked me out a little. I didn’t know what it was when it was happening. I was afraid I had peed accidentally. But he kept making me do it over and over. My body responded even though I was a little weirded out.

    BBB76: Mmh sounds like he hit the bottom and you had a good Vaginal ‘O’ which only a hung guy or a BBC could get that reaction from a woman. So I take it this was a whole new level of freaky fun he took you too?

    SPW: Sort of, not as much on that occasion. I think my husband enjoyed it even more. He was giddy.

    SPW HUSBAND: I was trying to film the technique. No one had ever made her squirt before and I didn’t know if anyone would be able to do it again, so I felt duty-bound to figure out how it’s done.

    Gif 2.gif


    BBB76: What did you mean by sort of?

    SPW: It was so different, I didn’t relax into it but rather fought it a little. The next time, oh wow, I let my body climax as hard as it wanted and the gush of pleasure really took over. Then shortly after that a different BBC made me squirt just from fucking me. That was my first orgasm ever during sex. From then on I’ve always enjoyed it.

    BBB76: Squirting?

    SPW: Yes. Well, I mean, it’s called squirting but it’s the orgasm itself I enjoy. Screaming, squirting orgasms! Finally I got why people were so crazy about sex! An addict was born. Of course, sometimes it’s a dry climax.

    SPW HUSBAND: Beer is the key.

    BBB76: Beer, really?

    SPW: I have to stay hydrated and I’m a water drinker. But somewhere along the line we discovered that if I have a couple of beers, Shock Top is my preferred brand, (chuckles), I become more explosive.

    BBB76: So you’re an explosive squirter, like some of the porn stars?

    SPW: Actually no, but I can definitely soak the sheets. Not every time but often enough.

    SPW HUSBAND: We use waterproof mattress pads.

    BBB76: lol, I take it you have to do a lot of laundry.

    SPW HUSBAND: Yes, but we’d like to do more. That is to say, not every guy, even the BBCs, can get her to climax.

    BBB76: So How did you get started with the secretplay/hotwife life and having sex with other men?

    SPW: My current husband is not my first husband, but with both I was the monogamous wife. And like most wives I expected my husband to be likewise. At some point when video porn became easy to pull up on mobiles, I used it to help me orgasm. Hubby noticed I often used gangbang and DP porn to climax.

    BBB76: How long have you been into fucking black men?

    SPW: I mixed in black men with all the men I played with my first year, then tended towards them my second year, now I mostly play with BBCs. I do now consider myself a queen of spades.

    BBB76: Ok, excuse me a QoS. Very good to self-profess and claim the title. So do you now only fuck black men?

    SPW: My husband is white and we have sex all the time. (laughs). As for play encounters, I strongly prefer black men to the point of mostly rejecting all others. They make me cum multiple times.

    BBB76: As it should be for a true QoS, however hubby usually is only supposed to get some after you’ve pleasured and been pleasured by your Black Bull. So what brought you on to BtW?

    SPW: Most interracial sites… this is just my experience… are full of pay videos and spam, or they feel abandoned—on one the latest post of any kind was over a year old! When I saw how active the BtW forums are I became interested, but it was the displaying of the current city on the profiles that made me think I could find fresh BBCs for play, so I jumped in.

    BBB76: I see, so you use BtW to hunt for new playmates?

    SPW: I find black men that are in SoCal and ping them. I read a lot of the forum messages but I’m not a good contributor. I don’t like posting my own pics, it feels, well, a little self-advertising.

    SPW HUSBAND: Usually I do the posting. On her Tumblr and Flickr streams I’m posting the pics. I guess that makes her feel better about it? (SPW nods)

    BBB76: And how has BtW worked out with your hunt for new playmates?

    SPW: Yes, I wrote out my verification sign about a week after registering. The day after I wrote my sign a member came over and fucked me. I posted some of those pics.

    BBB76: Yeah I saw that and they were very hot. You jumped on the scene with a loud bang (literally and figuratively) :blackgrimace::bigsmile:! So I imagine the Hubby takes these amazing photos?

    SPW HUSBAND: I do. I take every photo so that I can control the disclosure level. We promise our guests that their face or identifying marks won’t be posted unless they’re okay with it. I usually take a couple of hundred pics per encounter.

    BBB76: Do you post all of the shots you take?

    SPW: Oh hell no. I won’t let him show my tummy (laughs). Often (groan).

    SPW HUSBAND: When she first let me start taking pics, it was for my eyes only. When I wanted to post online, she told me I had to crop out her face. Then as she sent pics to guys with her face privately, she finally let me post with the bar over her eyes. After a while, she agreed that anyone who knew who she was would know even with the bar, so she let me post her face.

    BBB76: Was that a big moment?

    SPW: Oh my god yes. I was so terrified, I couldn’t even look at the photos. I just waited for all of my friends to call and scold me or, worse, just stop responding to my texts.

    BBB76: Oh yeah, so you have many friends in the lifestyle too, or you think they are in the closet IR porn freaks too? So did that happen, had anyone called you?

    SPW: Nope, no one called, no one emailed. My world didn’t implode. No one even noticed (blushing).

    After a while I realized that I didn’t care. I let go of my fear and figured if someone finds my pics on an interracial site, well, they’re looking on that interracial site. So they must be into it, too.

    SPW Husband: It took her a month before she exhaled.

    BBB76: To quote one of my favorite artists Marvin Gaye sang “...everybody thinks we're wrong, Oh, but who are they to judge us” from the song What’s Going On. And exactly what he went on to say with the rest of the verse in the song “Oh, you know we've got to find a way, To bring some understanding here today…” is exactly what I hoped to accomplish with the QoS VIP Lounge interviews. I hear from so many other couples that they are afraid of dipping their feet into the lifestyle for where they come from its taboo. But here we can show them that they are not alone and other couples are out here having a lot of fun and enjoying themselves without too much fear or reprisal and they have a community and social support group on BtW.

    Shit, after all the birds do it, the bees do it, so why are we being afraid to do it?

    SPW: Exactly!

    BBB76: How many experiences did it take for you to accept you were officially a hotwife?

    SPW: Ah, well, here’s the funny thing. I still don’t identify with the label hotwife. I have sex with many other men, always with my husband’s permission and encouragement, and usually in his presence. I’m okay with a label that says I play around, I like playing around. But the term hotwife is linked to cuckold and bull, and carries a lot of assumptions that don’t apply to us. I call myself a PlayWife to distinguish our lifestyle of that.

    SPW HUSBAND: Right, for examples she’s not dom and I’m not sub. There’s no humiliation.

    SPW: And no denial. My husband and I have sex all the time, anytime he feels like it, and I encourage him to jump in during my encounters…

    SPW HUSBAND: Though I learned quickly that jumping in would cost me the great photos I love and our fans wants.



    BBB76: You play with bulls though.

    SPW: True. I play with strong alpha men, usually with large cocks, far larger than my husbands’. I get off on their sexual power. But it’s respectful and socially comfortable and I never compare their cocks or demean my husband’s equipment or allow them to insult him either.

    BBB76: So your a playwife and you’re a queen of spades too?

    SPW: Yes, and proudly so. But PlayWives can play with any race or, in my case, almost exclusively black men. It’s still straight sex but I just have a husband present sort of like a chaperone. I think many women would feel safer and more adventurous with a trusted chaperone nearby in the form of their significant other.

    SPW HUSBAND: To be clear, we know many couples who love the cuckold lifestyle and some of the men are even situationally bi, by which I mean he might fluff the bull or eat the creampie. We hang out with those couples occasionally because we like them as people, even though their hotwife lifestyle is different than our playwife lifestyle.

    SPW: Yes, I think of PlayWife as swinging for jealous straight women.

    BBB76: Jealous straight women?

    SPW: Well, most marriages are monogamous. That’s the expectation. If I agree to his request to be his personal porn star, it doesn’t mean that I’m willing to give up that expectation of exclusivity as my husband’s only woman. That aspect of our marriage stays exactly as it was before. Monogamous.

    BBB76: And that’s why you call yourself SecretPlayWife instead of SecretHotWife?

    SPW: Exactly!

    BBB76: I hear from a lot of guys who say they convinced their wife to try it, but they can’t convince her to repeat it. What made you want to repeat it?

    SPW: Oh that’s a great question. Here’s the thing, that first encounter isn’t about the sex or the orgasms. It’s about the husband and the social factor, in that order.

    BBB76: Elaborate for me. I think many guys want to know more.

    SPW: Okay, first, no matter how many assurances the woman gets about how hot it’ll be and how much their husband wants it to happen, if they’re like me, the entire time I’m subtly focused on my husband’s reaction. Will he suddenly get super jealous and freak out? Will he reveal a hidden bi craving he hadn’t discussed with me? Will he demand a quid pro quo and ask to play with other women now that I’ve played with another man? Will he become disgusted with me now that I’m a “slut” and will it change our relationship. Those are real fears, at least they were on my part.

    BBB76: I take it none of those fears were realized.

    SPW HUSBAND: I worked very hard to be encouraging without being over the top. I sensed I simply needed to be relaxed and predictable, my same ol’ self. I got her water and towels and stayed calm throughout. I didn’t push for photos or poses. I never asked to play with another women in trade.

    BBB76: Good job hubby. So what did you guys mean by the social factor?

    SPW: The guy my husband picked, and he did the picking I just had veto power over looks, was a regular guy. He was conversational and… oh, yeah, he was just like your post about guys being respectful and relaxed and comfortable with women in person (great post, by the way). It made a huge difference.

    BBB76: He was a good conversationalist, then.

    SPW: Yes, but as importantly, he didn’t act weird. He wasn’t shy or awkward, yet he wasn’t dominant or domineering. Just confident.

    SPW HUSBAND: And he didn’t act freaked out by being the guy in a playwife situation, he didn’t ask permissions or worry about my reaction at all.

    SPW: Yep, he was good. Is good. I’ve met with him a few times since. During sex he was appropriately alpha, but as soon as everyone had cum we just relaxed and it was like hanging out at a friend’s house getting to know someone else they invited over.


    BBB76: You mentioned earlier that your fifth encounter bombed? What happened?

    SPW: Performance problems. Couldn’t stay hard. That’s really disappointing. I use oral as much as I can but after thirty minutes I call it a bust.

    BBB76: Has that happened since?

    SPW HUSBAND: That happens in probably one third of her encounters. A part of it is probably that it’s the first hookup they’ve actually had, and a big part is that a husband is a few feet away watching. I mean, we get it.

    SPW: And for a long time I was worried that I wasn’t hot enough. That’s why I tell him to post my photos without using beauty mode. I want them to know what they’re getting so they don’t feel disappointed when they see me in person.

    BBB76: Since you seem to have a lot of experience with using different websites and playdate setups so what would you say is the difference between being a playwife/hotwife QoS and swinging?

    SPW: Swinging is a different vibe. As I said, playwife is swinging for jealous women. I’m comfortable now that my husband isn’t in this to bang other women, so when the situation dictates, I encourage him to go for a woman who might be a part of a group I’m in. Since I’m not bi, that relieves the pressure for me to play with her. (titters). But generally it’s hard to be a playwife in a swing club because I prefer my husband doesn’t play, and that means I have to borrow the male half of a couple and I get a lot of glares and am left feeling like I’m stealing.

    SPW HUSBAND: We go to swing clubs and find most of the women are bi, and many don’t want to play with a different guy. Plus the sex rooms are empty until just before the place closes. Everyone socializes all night and not a lot of actual sex seems to happen.

    SPW: Except for some clubs that have gangbang nights with lots of single guys. I like those, but they often happen on Sunday nights or weeknights, and I still have to get to bed or suffer at work the next day so that rarely works out.

    BBB76: That’s cool. So how else do you meet new guys?

    SPW: Well, there was Ashley and Craigslist and the swing sites, but I also wear a spade necklace everywhere I go and I carry a QOS business card that I’ve handed to random hot black men.

    BBB76: Oh do you now? Well let me see one of them.

    SPW: Gladly. (Smiles mischievously)

    BBB76: Lol, now that’s pretty clever. I think you’ve given other QoS’s another method to make a proposal for a hot erotic encounter with potential Black studs who are strangers there.

    SPW: Yes, so far only to a few black men. I’m still so nervous doing it, and the first time my fears seemed confirmed because I didn’t hear from him for weeks. Then suddenly I got a message saying he’d checked out my blog, thought I was hot, and wanted to hook up. And we did. That was a lucky break because it makes me brave enough to keep trying.

    BBB76: I noticed the necklace. Do you have a :qos: tattoo or would you get a permanent one?

    SPW: I know hubby wants me to get one…(glares at husband)… but I decided not to get a tattoo. I have a respectable job at a conservative company and my family is pretty traditional. I don’t want to make anyone in the traditional parts of my life make the connection to how I play. Of course I could get a discreet one, such as on my butt, but then it wouldn’t help in finding hot BBCs in the wild. That’s the only reason I’d want one so it’s kind of a bust. But the necklace has worked on a couple of occasions.

    SPW HUSBAND: And you’ve used temporary tattoos.

    SPW: Oh right, yes… the good thing about a temporary is that I can put it somewhere very obvious and flash it around, as I did in Vegas. I’m not an exhibitionist. I’m shy and it was a leap for me to wear it in public. I hope you appreciate that (playfully directed to hubby).

    SPW HUSBAND: Yes honey. So I know it looks like she’s an exhibitionist from the bar flashing photos and such that we’ve posted, but both of us are very concerned about not offending other people and not making them uncomfortable or being inappropriate. It takes a certain venue and the right vibe for anything to happen.

    BBB76: So what kind of sexual playdate activity would you say is your favorite? Do you have any particular fantasies or things you would like to have more of?

    SPW: Gangbangs and BBC threesomes. I like groups. I want a cock at each end and I love being DP’d.

    BBB76: You’ve experienced that?

    SPW: Yes, on several occasions, but compared to the number of one-on-ones, my group count is tiny. I want to change that.

    BBB76: So what’s stopping you hun? That’s what BtW might be able to help with that and I know of some underground (not publically known) Gang-bang groups too but mostly in the southern US states.

    SPW: I wish. It’s actually very hard to arrange groups and gangbangs because guys don’t tell their friends and don’t recruit their friends, so we have to arrange each person individually, and some guys are hesistant to participate with other strangers.

    SPW HUSBAND: Plus there’s the gangbang stagger issue.

    BBB76: Gangbang stagger?

    SPW: Yes, no matter how firm of a start time we set, the guys trickle in over the course of that first hour. Well I’m not going to just chat with the prompt guests and make them wait, so I blow them. That leads to sex and they cum and they’re already expended when a new guy arrives. So I get them one at a time even when several guys show up.

    SPW HUSBAND: What she tells me she wants is for several guys to be waiting at a hotel and she walks in and within seconds several cocks have already penetrated her every hole and they use her until they can’t cum anymore.

    BBB76: Has that happened?

    SPW: We have had two gangbangs in which I was made airtight multiple times, both at our place, so sort of. I’m waiting to walk into the room full of BBCs already waiting for me. I’ve been more than patient, can’t someone arrange that for me???

    BBB76: Do you have video of those gangbangs?

    SPW HUSBAND: We get asked for video all the time, and we do create short snippets. But she plays with regular guys, not porn guys, so they don’t want their tats or faces shown. It’s super hard to remove those from videos and so I end up mostly taking pics.

    BBB76: And you do take some high quality pics I must say. Your doing a great job and keep up the good work :bigsmile:.

    SPW HUSBAND: Yeah we found very early on that using a point and shoot camera or relying on our cell phone resulted in crap photos that were sexy because of the activity but ultimately throw away because of the poor quality. We were investing so much time and energy arranging these encounters that under-investing in the equipment seemed stupid. But we found that hauling out a 35 millimeter SLR camera with its large lens and noisy shutter turned the average guy off. So I got only high quality softie shots. (laughs). Same with lighting. We don’t turn off lights but I can’t have studio lighting and keep the guys in the zone. So I bought the highest quality tiny camera I could, turn on a few lamps, and you get what you get.

    BBB76: Yeah, I know what you mean. A lot of photos of amazing situations in the forums are blurry or poorly lit.

    SPW HUSBAND: I know, Right? I mean, guys invest a ton of time and money in sex, obsess over sex, spend free time messaging about sex, but won’t get the good camera and won’t pay site fees. What gives? They pay for cable or Netflix or nice rims or club door fees. Why not invest in capturing that incredible moment.

    SPW: So I shut down the photo session if I feel the guy needs to have sex without the camera and sometimes without the husband. That’s what I’m in it for, the hard dick that makes me climax.

    BBB76: I’ve also noticed that you have quite a few nice pics with some huge Big Black Cocks your swallowing or holding in them. What’s the largest BBC you’ve had?

    SPW: The guy in one of my video snippets is ten and a half. I met an eleven and a half at a gangbang club that simply made my eyes pop.

    BBB76: And you could take them?

    SPW: The ten and a half was deep throated, went nuts deep in her ass, and came in her pussy.

    BBB76: That’s hot. Do you like double vagina?

    SPW: No, I don’t do anything that stretches me out. No oversize toys, no fisting, no double vag. The guys seem to appreciate it because they enjoy me. There’s been two guys who came in their condoms then as they pulled out the condom was stuck in me. It stretched as they tugged it to get it out and finally came out with a snap. I’m quite proud of that.

    BBB76: You said you post your pics to Tumblr and Flickr. Do you have followers there?

    SPW: We’ve been posting just over a year and have twenty five thousand followers on Tumblr and my Flickr photos have…how many views honey?

    SPW HUSBAND: As of last Monday, Flickr stats reports thirty four million cumulative photo views.

    BBB76: Thirty four million? Holy shit. What are the most popular pics?

    SPW: Gang bangs and DPs are the most popular, and circles of cocks around my face. By the way, I love love love gangbangs! So the temptation to have a site is to make it easy to organize gangbangs since I’d have control of the site design. But mostly I’m enjoying meeting new BBCs on great sites like BtW.

    BBB76: I imagine you must get a lot of messages.

    SPW: Yes, a ton. That’s why I don’t do conversations, I have to keep up on the pings I get every day. I enjoy a quick “love your pics” message. Some guys propose marriage. Some guys say they’re going to fly to SoCal to meet me. Some guys invite me to their city for a local gangbang.

    BBB76: Do you ever accept many of the random offers to play?

    SPW: If hubby and I screen the arranging guy fully, there’s many BBCs arranged at the destination, and they pay for the travel expense, I’m open to going. Bummer though is that most are blowing smoke and I have to figure out who’s just spinning out a different kind of fantasy (con?), but a few are real and a couple of trips have been arranged.

    BBB76: So this turned out to be one of the most fun interviews I’ve done and I’m sure everyone else is going to love this. We’re looking forward to seeing and reading more of your hot/playwife QoS adventures on BtW and congrats on winning the 2016 QoS of the Year on the Spades Magazine website by the way. I’m sure that has increased your notoriety and should lead to some other fantastic adventures now.

    SPW: Of course! I’m pretty confident my posts about those adventures will lure some additional hot BBCs to my sexual lair. (laughs).


    See more of @SecretPlayWife at her site:

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    I had thought my playing while requiring hubby to remain monogamous or mostly so was TOTALLY SELFISH of me. But since he was the one who suggested it, I gave it a go. It turns out it's so much fun for both of us and gives us an intense shared hobby that we enjoy together. (Well, to be accurate, he really enjoys the takebacks).
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    Appreciate everyone's comments and feedback. We hope that these interviews and people being courageous enough to share all of the fun sexual adventures in their lives would help other people get off the bench and sidelines into the game as well and start having more fun. Life is short and you only live once so live it up to the fullest and party hard!


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