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I have and she will go mad for it, and will want to again and again
Of course I would let her take on two black guys at once. She has been fucked by me and a black friend at the same time but never two black men. Judging by how much she enjoyed that 3 way she would go apeshit over two black cocks at the same time.
We're heading south this weekend for four weeks of fun and sailing! My old university friend and roommate, Edwin, who happens to be black and the guy who had the pleasure of introducing Pam to BBC four years ago, will be joining us later in the the week. His twin brother, Eduard, will be joining us later and I'm still waiting to get his schedule. Pam is unaware they'll be part of our trip, an anniversary present of sorts celebrating her first BBC four years ago. I'm looking forward to the possibility of her doing both at the same time!
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