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Story idea (need input)

So I came up with an idea for an erotic story however its still a work in progress,the theme of it is interracial and a little over the top like a john persons or illustrated interracial comic, so I want to get to some input from people whose niche is interracial.

The idea:
Two coeds are working at a diner getting ready to close up so they could head back to the sorority house so they could get ready for a huge party,when a group of black guys walk in the diner looking for some food one of the girls tells the black men they have to leave because they are closing up,however they refuse to leave she starts to get rude with them demanding they leave, which leads them to making a bet if she wins the men leave if they win she must give a blowjob to one of the men, of course she loses the bet and the second girl walks out of the back to her friend either blowing one of the men or fucking him(haven't decided yet)

This is what I have so far although I'm still working on it

I will post character information in a bit
OK so as I said I would post the character descriptions, the first girl is Brittany she is a tall blonde with a beautiful face but she is a bitch and slut but slightly racist, she is the girl who demands the men to leave

Rebecca is the girl who walks out of the back, she is a brunette she is shy and timid but she isn't like Brittany she isn't a slut she has only been with 2-3

I posted some pictures for more of a visual description of what I'm talking about