Shy, Short, small-Titted Wife for Black

Discussion in 'Couples and Women Seeking' started by rick tanner, Jun 21, 2016.


She's hot and 29. How should she be blacked or loaned out?

  1. By one bull with a massive cock.

  2. By several bulls in a gangbang.

  3. By a bull and the friends he decides to share her with.

  4. By YOU (please give us details)

  5. By my boss (for a raise)

  6. By anyone willing to pay for her sweet ass

  7. By my own friends for fun!

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  1. rick tanner

    rick tanner Member

    Hey y'all! Rick T. and wife Carol here looking to see the wifey blacked and perhaps even bred.

    Never done this before. Should be fun. We wanna film it too.
    Any ideas?
  2. bullcham

    bullcham Active Member

    This pic is hott. I would put a black baby in her.