she really wants strange BBC TRUE

figure i should let her, at lleast i can see it, if not she will do it w out me around at some point
My wife tried BBC and loved it ... as did I. She fucked an old university friend and roommate of mine, Edwin, who happens to be black! Edwin pounded that pussy you see in our Avatar (My wife's .. truly!) with such ferocity that she was sore for days. Edwin's cock being over 12 inches surely added to that as well as the excitement! It took them almost an hour before she could accommodate that monster to its balls ... but she eventually did! We've posted about that elsewhere on this site!
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That its really hot! I recently got divorced and I fantasize about my ex wife fucking many black men while they do Coke with her. As my fantasy grows I think about get just fucking strangers too. we talk often still but I don't know how to go about asking get to let he watch her fuck black men. Any help please.
It was incredibly hot! She was drunk and completely naked just getting passed around between doing bumps of coke. She was leaking cum out of her holes and didn't care who saw her like that.
Been there without the drugs though. I enjoyed my Bull taking me to a club to get me warmed up finger fucking me on the dance floor as he whispered how he was going to let his buddy's fuck me later, then sending me to the men's restroom to suck one of their dicks. 7 of his friends and him fucked me in every way that night. I get shared often now, but always want more. Would love to hook up with a group of strangers to have a gangbang. My bull knows I am insatiable and play without him at times and is fine as long as they are all BBC