Sharing Her Room

"I'm sorry but we are full tonight, but sometimes our guests are willing to share a room to save expenses," the Inn owner told Amara, a handsome young black man who had arrived looking for lodgings.

“Well I think you would like Ms. Marian,” she relied, spinning the monitor so he could get a look at his prospective companion. She turned out to be a really great looking brunette, certainly older than him but certainly not someone you’d kick out of bed.

“Of course Ms. Marian will have to agree,” she then asked him to step into an area at the end of reception area. After a few more minutes diddling with her computer she smiled, “Ms. Bridges agrees to the share,” she said, “She’s a charming person, I think you two will get along fine.”

Amara walked up a flight of stairs and knocked on the the door.

“Come in,” she smiled, obviously pleased with her new roommate.

Still a bit uncertain of the arrangement he mumbled “O – I don’t think a beautiful woman like you would want someone wanting to sleep in the same room.”

At that moment he noticed that there was only one bed – a king sized but none the less just one.

Marian sat down on one of the big velvet chairs and crossed her legs.

“Its okay. I like to travel and am used to all sorts of arrangements. I get the bed though, you have to use the sofa."

Amara, who was pretty impressed with this lovely woman with a fine figure and beautiful big tits could hardly believe that any husband would allow to travel alone like this. However, being single, didn’t really understand the complexities of married life.

“Have you eaten lunch yet,” Marian asked, reaching for the phone.

When he admitted that he hadn’t eaten that day she asked him if he would mind if she ordered for him. He said he had no objection and she then proceeded to order a gourmet lunch with two bottles of champagne.

Amara couldn’t take her eyes off of her she was so good looking and so elegant. Every time she put a morsel between her generous lips he imagined what it would be like to slip his dick in there. Occasionally she’d smile as if she knew what he was thinking.

When their legs brushed against each other under the table she paused for a moment and looked at him with a twinkle in her eye. His dick became harder and harder and it was difficult to sit properly.

Amara couldn’t wait to get into the shower and out again but he did take his time to wash his crown jewels well. Wearing one of the white terry towel robes hanging in the bathroom he re-entered the room.

Marian loved the contrast of the white robe against his black skin and, a that moment, made the decision that she would allow him to share her bed and more. She stood and moved close to him, kissing his thick lips.

Her body felt great pressed against his and in no time flat they were feeling each other and his huge cock was pressed against her tummy. She put her hand down and touched it, “Oh my God. You're huge!"

Amara was getting very worked up and quickly pushed off the bed covers as he wanted to see her naked body and to explore it with his tongue. Her nipples stood erect and so he began by licking the ends very gently and gradually taking them into his mouth, first one and then the other.

He massaged them as he sucked as Marian kept on whispering “that feels so good –
so very, very good.” As he made a trail down her flat stomach to her navel and then on to her flower she arched her back. It was if she couldn’t wait for him to put his tongue into her warm, wet groove. However, he teased her a little by licking the inside of her thighs and her body began to shake and tremble. Amara moved to the foot of the bed, knelt down on the floor and taking her legs he drew her flower right up to his mouth.

His tongue flicked around the petals of her flower like a butterflies wing and Marian began to moan quite loudly. It tasted good and he parted the lips and proceeded to lick and lick. The fact that she could see the action in the mirror above seemed to add to the excitement.

She began to tremble and shake the bed as if an earthquake had struck the building and her moans and deep breaths indicated that she was going to explode into a massive orgasm at any moment. When she did her body bounced up and down and she called out to him to fuck her as if she was dying for it.

The bed was just the right height and so he stood up pulled her towards him and rammed his throbbing dick deep inside of her.

“O fuck,” yelled Marian, “It feels so good.”

As he looked down at her, with her long hair spread over the pillow and her gorgeous tits thrust upwards, he knew that it was time to abandon the foreplay and get right down to business. Holding onto her thighs he started to ram his cock in and out. Slowly at first but the at a rapid pace as he was desperate to shoot his load inside of her.

Marian stretched her arms backward and held on to the bedhead as he plowed it in with great precision sometimes bringing it all the way out and driving it back in forcefully. She was loving it and so was she and as he felt himself cumming he could see that she was also about about to do the same.

It was like as if some metaphysical force had taken over his body he kept going and going long after his sperm had filled up her flower. Her arms were flaying all over the place and her face looked as though she was in agony but that was obviously not the case.

Both exhausted they lay beside each other just holding hands for sometime.

“Thank you so much,” said Marian after a while, “That was the best sex I have ever had in my life – “In fact,” she giggled, “I think it’s the best sex anyone as ever had.”

Amara lay on the bed spent. Marian ran her hand over his chest and stomach and down his thigh before coming back to his massive cock which had to measure a good ten inches. As with her experience in Paris with Jean, she wondered what her husband would think if he could see her now.

"Amara," she said softly as she massaged his beautiful cock, "what does your name mean?"

"Oh, it means something like agreeable or pleasing," he smiled.

"Well, that is for sure," Marian laughed as she leaned forward and took his thick manhood in her mouth.