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Sex drive

Just wondering if anyone else has this problem I have always had a higher sex drive than my partner and it has caused issues in the past does anyone else have a higher sex drive than there partner if so how do you deal with it and can it cause issues if one wants more than the other
I have a high sexdrive ;), it's sometimes been so bad that i've even gotten myself breaking up with the guy, ( he broke up ) cause i wanted sex everyday and not just one time and he said that i love dick to much. Hell yeah !

But even if i'm not horny, my pussy is still crawing dick/s. I have a uhm small condition ( my glands inside pussy is hyperactive. but not sure what the conditions called ) where as my pussy is "constant wet" so the guy can just slide inside and fuck me... ;)

So maybe that's why my sexdrive is high?
Wow I would love it if my partner was like that and having a wet pussy constant is a gift use it wisely lol