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    hey, looking for advice, I am a 25 year old skinny small dick sissy whiteboy dating a very strong and loving woman who is interested in having a black son. she is turned on by men which I am not and I feel I am lacking here in producing what she wants, ... I would really like my girl to be able to have a black son since its what she talks about a lot. she brings up cuckolding to me before so I googled a bit and found this site. is there any men local in the sf area who is willing to meet my woman and regularly satisfy her? please understand this is for someone who is looking to make her prego and me take care of it.
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    best wishes.
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    Are you still looking for a real man to pleasure you girlfriend & give her a black baby? I live in the bay area. Send me a pm with some pics of your girlfriend. I would be glad to plant my seed deep in her.
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