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Request for Real Ladies Heart-Shaped Asses


Real Person
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Ladies, stand, back facing me, bend over and either keep your knees together or cross your legs and show me YOUR "Heart-shaped" ass. (Thong or panty not required, smile ;-))

Inspired by the movie, "9-1/2 Weeks", this thread is presenting and a request for sexy REAL ladies showing their great asses shaped like a "heart".

Valentine's Day is everyday with a girl that has a "heart-shaped" ass!

I hope you enjoy!

In an effort to keep the pictures as amateur/artistic as possible, I have two requests:
  • No Pictures with Websites, URL's, copyright-protected, or photographer's trademarked works watermarked on the photos- Blacktowhite.net is not into free promotion to other websites.
  • No Pornstars - Unless she appears amateur in the photo. B2W suggests you create a thread dedicated to them. I guarantee it will be popular.