Recoup time before a man can cum again.

My hubby, our live-in lover, his father and some some of my other lovers do not have to wait very long before they can cum again, but a good number of men take 20 minutes or more to recoup after they cum. Some men take more than 20 minutes just to get hard again. I have been fortunate that a good number of men I have been with have had a very short recoup time.

Men, what would you say is your recoup time.
Ladies? What has been your experience?



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It's all according to how stimulated my main sex organ (brain) is. Also, its all according to how horny my wife is after my first ejaculation. If she's still horny after I ejaculate, she has no problem providing some "toot the flute" service to get me hard again.
Usually, (after 19 years of being together), it takes 10-15 minutes ... about the time it takes to drink a nice cold bottle of suds. However, if I'm with a new female that I've never had sex with, I often don't even lose my erection after my first ejac. New pussy seems to have that affect on most all us guys. And that reminds me of a Richard Pryor joke:

True Story :rolleyes: : A guy's in jail and gets into an argument with his wife about her having sex with other men while he's in jail. So he says to her ... "when I get out of here, I'm going to get me some NEW pussy" ... and his wife promptly replies "if you had 2 more inches of dick you could get some NEW pussy right here" ... OUCH, now that one hurt, I bet.


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Don't know as the Wife can only handle me fucking her once whenever we have intercourse as she finds it too painful. :(


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The refractory time for males tends to get longer as we age. Some young men if they are really horny and with a new female can cum and still be hard. I am over 60 and it takes me quite a while to get hard again, but on the other side of the coin I can stay hard a lot longer than when I was young. Age, alcohol, drugs, physical condition, how long since you last got laid all affect how long it is going to take a man to get hard. If a woman is really needing a second round a skillful blowjob can get a man ready in a short time. :)

There is a also factor called the Coolidge effect. Basically a male of any species is more quickly aroused by a different female than by the female he just got done screwing. The Coolidge effect supposedly got it's name from Calvin Coolidge and his wife. The story goes that the President and Mrs. Coolidge were touring a large farm that produced chickens. The President and his wife were being given separate tours. Mrs. Coolidge saw a rooster going after a hen and she asked her guide how often the rooster could do that. She was told that the rooster could do that dozens of times a day. Mrs. Coolidge told one of the party that President Coolidge should be told about that rooster's prowess. When the President was informed he asked "same hen?" and he was told it was a different hen every time. He said that Mrs. Coolidge should be told that.:smoke:
Virginia, we want that VERIFIED...some of us have the feeling you may be exaggerating a tad..after all we don't tolerate any fakes or flake know BtW does have high standards:D..we love ya..osp