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To the white women and cuckolds, husbands boyfriends.

What do you prefer:

Big muscular black men, or as long as they have a big cock you will fuck them?
Meets alone of meet with bf/hubby there to watch?

Rough/hard fucking or sensual slow fucking.

Favorite positions? Anal?

Please let me know.
Either because it depends on his/they're personality.
I've meet alone and with the husband, with his knowledge and approval of course
'Again either, I've had rough hard sex walking away sore but no complaints, and I've had slow sensual, they are both good and to which i prefer I'd have to say it depends on the mood I'm in
Favorite position LOL Woof Woof!
Anal, yes, don't knock it till you try it, after a few times you will like it


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I'm not too bothered about wether they're muscular or not. I like confident, sexy black guys who can get an erection straight away and have good stamina.
I like a guy who cums a lot as that is a particular like of mine.
Up until recently I was meeting alone but wanted hubby to watch, luckily hubby now on board and now watches me! Much prefer it, really turns me on! Knowing I'm fucking a guy with hubby watching and getting turned on!
As far as rough or sensual, when I've just met a guy I like it nice and the guy to take his time. But later willing to try different things and get a bit tougher when I can trust him more.
My favourite position is anal. Love a black guy fucking me in the ass, feels really slutty and that the guy is totally in charge of me!
Ann X