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question for girls how did you get into bbc

I told my wife after a few 3somes that it would be hot to see her with a black guy. Her reaction was " hell no, not gonna happen! Get that out of your head, I'm not sleeping with any black guys!" And then we were stood up by 3 supposedly hung white guys( most likely fakes) and we were looking at profiles on a site and she saw a hung black guy who had a muscular ripped body and said " he's not bad" and I asked if she wanted me to set something up and she thought it over for about 5 minutes and said yes. That guy was good(not great) but enough that she let me pick another black guy to meet and when we met him he was bigger and thicker and really just blew her mind fucking her. After that it doesn't matter what color they are as long as they are hung, real, in shape and fuck her good! She is not black only and has had both black and white guys blow her mind fucking her.
how did you get into this life style
having a mum whose a whore helped,but i started doing bj`s at school,that in turn led to my loosing my cherry by an older guy. having been made a woman,my craving for cock awakened,and i ended up whoring about.....then at 19,at college,i was blacked,and after college,i carried on working as an escort,and became a black guys `kept woman`


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Hubby and I talked about it and he bought me a black dildo and we watched some ir porn and where I was working there was this black guy that kept flirting with me and that went on for some time and I told hubby about him and he said said see what happens.
So I went back to work and started to flirt back with him and later on that night after he helped me give out breaks I was helping him and he said something about he wanted to fuck me and I was like yeah ok and he said it again . So when it was our turn for lunch he followed me up to the break room and I had to use the bathroom and he knocked on the door and I said wait and after I was done I let him in and he told me to show him what I had on under my shorts so I showed him my green g string and she told me to bend over and he pulled my shorts and g string down and pulled out his cock and started to rub it on my pussy and then he fucked me right there in the girls bathroom and after we were done I texted hubby and told him boy do I have a story for u after I get home .
My Husband...lol!! He wanted to see me shared for years, but never even considered his request seriously. I only finally gave in just to shut him up and thinking it would be a one time thing. ok...by now I must admit to being a bit curious myself as my husband had been the only one I had been with. When we met what was to be my first shared experience, it was with a black man, which caused even more worries, nerves and awkwardness. Afterwards, on the ride home, I informed my husband that I wanted more....that was over 4 years ago.