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Question about Queen of Spades Tatto; your reaction

I asked this on another thread, but thought I'd make this the subject of its own thread.
For the black gentlemen...when you're out in public (i.e. - bar, beach, mall, etc.),
and you see an attractive woman who has a
'Queen of Spades Tattoo' (i.e. - like on her ankle),
do make more of an effort to try and start up a conversation with her?

Would it make any difference if she has a wedding ring on?
Would it make any difference if her husband was with her?

Once you make initial contact with the wife, and you've gotten a favorable response
(i.e. - a smile; eye contact), does the fact that she has the tattoo, make you more assertive?

I ask as I've gotten a temporary tattoo, but haven't shown my wife. I was hoping to get
some feedback on guys' reactions, before doing so. Thanks!