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Any tips for new cuckolds? How to start and find either Bulls or in my case Couples?
WhiteBull, most people now define a cuckold as a man who's wife is allowed to pursue/take additional sex partners while he agrees to remain monogomous. I assume that's your status as well?

As your wife begins experiencing new partners its almost a sure thing your marital relationship will experience some changes as well. So, its always a good thing to establish the rules/parameters as soon as possible, even putting them in writing if possible (in a Cuckold Agreement). Some things to set rules/consider are:
  • Will she be allowed to see men without you being present (will you watch or sleep in another room)
  • Will she go on dates & will there be a timeline when she should be home? overnight stays allowed?
  • Safe sex or bareback sex
  • Will she allow you to be involved/take part in the sex when she's with another man
  • Will the 2 of you install some cuckold games: cocklocks, sissy dressing, humiliation, creampie cleanups, etc
  • Will she be allowed to go on extended trips with her lovers (vacations, business trips, sleepovers, etc)
Communication is essential at all times. If you're giving her the courtesy/liberty to be with other men, she should be respectful and thoughtful in keeping you informed of her feelings and where she is. Her safety should always come first.
With the ladies, its easy for them to become "attached" or emotionally involved with a lover, and this can have an impact on you and your marriage. Discuss this with her and how the 2 of you would handle that situation if it occurs. If this is your first experience with cuckolding, I always suggest you NOT allow her to date & sleep over with her BFs for the first few months or so, until the both of you adjust & understand the parameters.
Best of luck ... keep us posted as you progress! Mac :)