powerful cuck cpl


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... well i thought of a answer ...and it would be to be with a millionare cpl ... A cpl that can take it to another level.
Yeah, they could send you an envelope with a stack of "c-notes" and a 1st class for Cancun, Acapulco, or Rio, have a "service stretch" meet you at the airport, serve you Dom Perignon, not just Ripple, along with some imported cheeses and french bread, maybe a satalite TV so's you didn't miss the basketball/football games, and silk sheets to service her. Yeah, why not take advantage of a "good ride" when you find one ... ;)
you def are an extremists lol , but it sounds good , who could turn that down ?..but any way ,thats no different than a couple wanting a millionare bbc, because trust me if i was a millionaire , id most def be providing some round trip tickets for a few on here lol