Portland, OR - Seeking a fit, dominant black man to charm my 27 y/o Latina girlfriend

*Long post in-coming*

Hi, all,

I'm the male-half of a young and intelligent Latino couple living in Portland, OR. We have been in a relationship for 10+ years and have been in and out of the swinger lifestyle for 6 of those years. We've been on a bit of a hiatus from the lifestyle (for various reasons; e.g. relocating, work, work, work, schooling...) and I'm thinking it's time to try and rekindle that flame. In the past, we have exclusively sought out play partners online. Prior to meeting, we would engage in extended e-mail/text conversations with potential partners to crack (if not fully break) the ice. I'd like to do away with that method, which brings me to the reason for this post...

I am very very interested in having a man approach my girlfriend while we are out in public with the hope of it all escalating to the bedroom (eventually, if not that same night). We have experience meeting with single men, but as stated above, we first came to know those men through online interactions. Now, I am very enticed at the notion of first meeting a man in a much more organic way. At that, I would absolutely love for it to be with a black man. We have only met with white men in the past and some of that has to do with my girlfriend being intimidated by the black men that advertise themselves online: tall, strong, muscular, and very well-endowed. I don't think this is something that she will overcome from behind a display screen; I think this is something she can only overcome by first meeting someone fitting that description face-to-face and without the overt, premeditated implication of sex.

She is a cute Latina that stands at 5'3" and weighs around 130 lbs. She is a genuine Latina in the sense that she has both great breasts and ass. ;) Suffice it say, you won't be disappointed. She has a bit of a thing for nerd chic which makes it that much better when you manage to take her clothes off and can see the person(ality) hiding beneath the surface. She can be bashful so you have to be cautious to not come on too strongly.

She does not know about this and I don't intend for her to know about this. This needs to be as authentic as possible for her and I think a pseudo-organic scenario such as this one is the best way to get things started again.

We will be heading out to a certain lounge in Portland tomorrow night, Friday, June 10th. The way I see this playing out is you approaching her while I step away (that being the obvious cue for you to approach her) or you simply coming up to her and asking her to dance (assuming the occasion calls for it.)

I am seeking someone who is tall, fit, dominant, and confident enough to approach a woman while she is out with her man. While I would love for this all to escalate quickly, there is no sense in rushing what could be a good thing. If the night ends with us only becoming acquaintances or friends, so be it. There's always time to develop the friendship. As far as her preferences go, you'll have a much better shot of succeeding with her if you have glasses, tattoos, and./oe under 40. However, you never know how reality will play out.

If there is anyone local to Portland and potentially interested, please reply to this thread or a send me a direct message. We can get the conversation started and see if we can work this out. As a final reassurance...as stated in the opening paragraph, we have been in a relationship for 10+ years and have an incredibly solid foundation. Additionally, I am very secure and self-confident; you don't have to worry about a freak-out on my behalf. I love to share and watch her and have too much respect for everyone's time and investment to jeopardize a meet-up or friendship.

Thanks for reading!