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    Any real women- couples in or near Philly? Seems that a bunch of white guys have heard about this site, post a pic of their wives, girlfriends or a random pic then tries to engage in conversations with bulls to get themselves off. If you're real, reach out...D
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    Estimate is about 90% of the couples are either the husband/bf alone, outright fakes and real couples who won't mvoe forward. Yes, there are definitely some real ones, but this is what you have to sort through.
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    CAM01698.jpg Kuno said the truth. ..unfortunately here the most couples profiles are fake. ..i really don't freaking know why. ...anyway I'm the husband of this beautiful girl on this pic...i use this site because i want find the right people because I'm jealous even that i stated sharing her so it's absolutely one of the rules to don't let my wife talking with other guys. ...I'm looking for the special one. ...fine on follow my rules. ..inbox me and let's talk. ...i found few great guys in here and probably I'll share her with. ...
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