Old Latin Bitch

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    This old bitch lived next to me with her racist white guy who hated that I had more material stuff than him, he was rude and nasty toward me when I spoke to them . He got sick to the point that he could not work anymore.His yard had grown up where as the city started to fine him and his old lady could not afford a lawn man, so this is where I come in. I asked her could I keep the yard up for her and she said she could not afford to pay me an being as sly as a fox I said I know one way to pay is by giving me some and I touched her pussy and she jumped but was shocked and smiling at the same time. She said you really do not want none of this old stuff do you,cutting story short. She met me at the park one early morning and I fucked her in the back seat , her pussy hair was a lovely gold in color that really turned me on as I forced my fat black cock into her tight old pussy as she give out a light scream and hiss as I drove deeper into her pussy. After I let loose a full load into her she was crying like a baby. She told me I can fuck her any time I want an she had not been fucked in seven years an I much she missed it. She told me that I was her first black cock and she really want more.Take that you old racist bastard.
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    fuck yea
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    dominate her ass make her give up the asshole too
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    That escalated quickly. I hope he licked her sloppy pussy when she got home.
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