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Okay... Introductions Are In Order (Chicago to Hong Kong and beyond)

Hedonist Ninja

Gold Member
Merry day to those taking the time to read what I write. I am excited to be on this site since the topic of great sex, and sexual adventures of others, is one near and dearest to my heart.

I came across the site from some links Google spit back and got to reading a bit of what had been posted. Ever hear of Google, sort of new and the kids all dig it.

Anyway, from a few of the topics and members posting I got a broad smile on my face. This is board dealing with interests that are an exact fit for my tastes. Once I looked past a few parts of fluff, fakes and filler that are always on these sorts of sites I found a few items worth reading that really made me perk up. I will share why in just a moment.

I am a guy, 6'5'' tall at 240lbs currently, white, 100% heterosexual, early 30s. I am single by choice but have many wonderful people in my life, personally and professionally. Among them are many fun and sexy women with who I am on and off as a partner or sorts. I am blessed in that respect.

I have traveled the world and then some. My headquarters is the near North side (right out of downtown) of Chicago, IL USA. Made a few enemies in my life but many far more good friends and have gotten to meet some fascinating individuals.

I am not here to talk about my profession on a sex board. Common sense on that last bit; more so if you know what it was and involved. A touch of mystery never hurts either.

I need to point out what is relevant. I am not here to hook up nor troll of booty. The internet can be a super tool to connect people in that regard. I am here to share some of my experiences and to read and learn about what other members have to present. More on this at the end.

I am with zero exception not a cuck or wimpy boi. I am the antithesis of such a state of male functioning, that is clear in the real world (that realm outside of the computer screen) by what I do, how I move and they way I am.

Those are my vital stats. Pretty basic. I should add one last very important fact: I have an exceptionally high libido. Some joke and say all men are dogs and all guys are horny, yet a basic understanding of people will lead you to know that both men and women fall into ranges when it comes to their drives and desires. Some, like me, are way on the strong side of the spectrum.

A very mighty sex drive that I have has colored much of what I have enjoyed and experienced all over the world. That has let to, for purposes of making an introduction, my having countless sexual adventures with so many excellent lovers.

I am not going to pigeon hole myself by saying I am swinger, philander, skirt chaser, Playa Playa from the Himalaya or anything of that ilk. Suffice to say, if you have some understanding about relationships between men and women, that if and when the women keep coming back for more sex after you have shared a bed (or a car or a back seat of a cab with the driver watching or a bathroom stall or a empty conference room etc) once, they are finding what they enjoy. Women have their sexual power and they chose the lovers that are best for them, or just the best.

When women seek me out for the follow up encounters and even spread the word to their girl friends or bring in other women so I can play with them too, that steaks even louder volumes. The later does not happen all the time, as I need to keep honest, but it has more a few isolated times and I take that as a compliment from the ladies I have traded orgasms with.

I adore all women. I have had lovers of many shades and nationalities. I love black pussy, hot white ass, sexy Latinas, playful Asian hotties and so on. I have an interesting enjoyment of interracial sex for certain.

As I said just above, I am for certain no cuck. How I fuck and thrill my women is a passion of mine and a skill I have worked at over the decades. There is many a funny tale about learning the (ahem) ins and outs of sex starting from when I was a very young teen to where I am at with my sexuality now.

Still, even then women would tell me how amazing my cock was and how good it made them feel. Those words or lust and praise they gave to me was back even from a time in my life when my head and heart were not in line with being a sexually assertive male I worked into becoming. I was some skinny kid wondering, “Shit! It this what is supposed to happen? What is going on here? Oh god, now what is this?” and the gals were still getting off hard and coming many times from when we fucked. It has only gotten better, for the women and myself, as time steps on. Women know a good fuck and at days end, women are the judges of what amounts to a good fuck and who is a really stud in the sheets or not.

This enjoyment over sex of mine, and the many willing partners I have been with, led me to be able to explore my personal mind set and psychology about what I like and what drives my sexual wants. You do a lot of fucking and you also have time to think and reflect much about sex after all.

One niche aspect of what is a great turn on for me is my realization about what I like concerning white women. I love to see white girls, the hotter the better, used and fucked raw and animalistic. I will retype that last bit. I love to see white women getting fucked in a primal frenzy of dicking.

I am a white guy and I make special note to say I find it hot as Hades to see white women get used sexually. I loved all women and bring my lust and my sexual arsenal to use whenever I have sex with any woman, when she and I share that attraction. I like seeing all babes of all types get fucked (porn is fun too) but I really have hard on for the use of white women. When I said hard on, you can take that literally.

Of course, I get to do the fucking quite often when it comes to the white gals being ravished. On top of that or even in place of it, I find it is such a fucking thrill and a half to see a black guy who is skilled with the dick to lay into a snowflake hottie. If she is in a relationship and her lust leads her to cheat with some black cock and get the wind fucked out of her in that encounter... Hell yes! I can't put it into words but it is just too fucking awesome!

I am not a sit on the side line guy, I love to be in the action too. Over the years some of the best sexual run ins I have had were with pals of mine, black gents, where we would hit the clubs and pull very gorgeous white tail and take the ladies back for some tag team sex. Some all night and all wild fucking sessions that were world changing for more then a few of the ladies who were ravished in those encounters. I had a thrill watching that live fuck show with the pale lady being fucked full force by a black man. Holy shit that is fun without end. I did my part too to play the master cocksman, still seeing the hotties get pried open by BBC was super! How odd that more then a few of these beauties had boyfriends or even a husband when they were seduced. Gee, why would they ever want to come along for some wild fucking and kinky sex with black dudes? Ha-ha.

I learned over the years that my interest on that last matter is actually seeing the women, white women, being used and not so much about the men but it is a connection to the women. Outside the USA, where it is black bulls on creamy white gals, I have found the AMWF (Asian Male White Female) scene to be very hot too. I have tag fucked so many white women, Aussies and Brits and some Euro Honeys, with Japanese pals of mine. That is not the theme of this site, still it is a part of my enjoyment in my sex life and my predictions for what satisfies me in my sexual likes.

Just randomly, drop the stereotype. Some Asian men have big cocks and beyond that size subject (most guys are not 9'' porn studs) those guys can beat a pussy into submission like you would not believe until you witness. Like all men, more then a few are duds too in their ranks. That is true even for a would be black sex god to turn out to be a softy and a shit lay.

Going back to the comment that I am not here to seek hook ups nor meets: No guy who is sane, at least in part, would ever say he has enough pussy in his life or enough willing and eager lovers in his pool to draw from at any one time. I do like the internet in that it allows people of like minds to meet up on the terms of what they are both after and given the fact they might not know about the others mutual interest which could lead to a meet. Still, I in live an area of the city that has SO many great women, single and those who are not but are still available, around that I don't view the internet as tool used in netting lovers and fuck buddies. I can walk outside and a few blocks down are bars, known restaurants and shopping hot spots all teeming with women. Why try to mail order anything, so to speak, when what you want is an arms length away.

I did use the internet to arrange sexual meetings years ago so I don't disparage it nor the net's utility in hooking up. About 2000 was when I was active using the net and chats for sex meetings, the Napster days. Hey kids, recall Napster? MP3s and all?

So, no. I am not here to flash pics of my cock to all the world. I am not looking to cyber with anyone and I am not going to troll nor hound any members and desperately seek some hook up like one for whom the 'net is the only way to meet partners.

Women do have a bit of a voyeur side to them I know. Still, when it comes to my cock it is much better to feel it's girth and length inside of you then to look just at pictures. If you are a real woman reading this, you will have no issues with getting one like mine (white or black) inside you. I am not some ego manic who thinks he is the only bossman fucker when it comes to pumping good dick into horny females. There are many good studs who can be in your life and local to you,the logistics of the internet come into play there, so don't pine away for my member unnecessarily. *wink* *happy face* Yes, I know I just spelled out those emoticons.

I love to make women squirt when we fuck. I great many women have experienced that sexual rush already and love it, still so many were virgins to that sort of sex play before me. Her first time is always insanely good and is something a woman will not forget. Sort of on par with a woman's first BBC or fist anal sex with a BBC. Some black men might politely disagree or what to debate that however.

I perform that water park feat with my cock and my fingers, depending. I love wet and sloppy and noisy as a thunderstorm sex! I do like to take my new lovers into the realm of more passionate sex and some marathon sessions then they have done with other guys. Sort of the male ego that I ruin her for other men and rule that hot little cunt of hers. Nothing tops the feeling from wearing out a gal's pussy and leaving her unable to go on but wanting more and overall so exhausted and completed in her satisfaction. That is a unique sensation for a guy to have accomplished that level of ownership of her (for that night anyway) from his skill on bed.

I study and practice Eastern sexual arts as well. While the terms are know in the west (Tantra and Taoist sexual practices) the correct ways are too often not understood. There is so much good material and good teachers on those matters, many bull shitters too sadly, online and in many major cites throughout the world now. Study up if you like, that is not what I am here.

I also partake in the empowerment from Western Sex Magic, that is not the focus of the board here. Let it get said that men can have multiple orgasms before the ejaculate and other feats. All those systems are super wonderful

Some guys have naturally great stamina, these arts can lead one to take that to a scary level of performance with practice and time. Just plugging away in side a girl is no fun of course, less so if he just keeps at it and at it like some tireless robot. One needs to add skill of how to use one's cock in order to be a good lover. I do have a diverse interest in sex and in many areas about my sexuality and wanted to share part of my background.

Some guys or gals reading any of what I have written my roll their eyes and think bullshit, in part or totally. Fine. It does not make nor cost me any money for what you think of me or not. Any how, game is to be sold and not told; better to do it and enjoy it then to fat mouth about it and hope people like what you have to say. I am here, as I said, to read and share and also to enjoy some IR porn and images.

Lastly, like nearly all men under 45 in the America, I play video games and love those. When I am not working, fucking, exploring or socializing then I use my free time to work out (martial arts and boxing) and get caught up on my reading and play the newest video games.

That is what you need to know of me at this time. Thanks for reading and again I am happy to be on this board.