NYC spankable sub girls: Read my profile & email me!

NYC spankable sub girls: Read my profile (below) & email me at

Note: How do I post my pic?


My name is Keith and I live alone in a large apartment in NYC – on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. I can host you for a night, weekend, week, or longer (live-in is possible). I have an airline Buddy Pass so I also can travel cheaply anywhere to visit you.

I'm 57 but have taken early retirement, so I have plenty of free time to play.

NOTE: If you’re younger, does the fantasy of being spanked by an older, authoritative man excite you? Be honest!

NOTE: Are you adventurous and spontaneous? If you're in the NYC area for just a day or two, or are feeling horny as you read this, come visit me right NOW! I will scold you as I slowly and humiliatingly remove your clothing and then put you over my lap for a stress-relieving & exciting spanking followed by lots of soothing and erotic hugging, massage, fingering & sex. (Bring a toothbrush in case you decide to sleep over.)

I’m 6’0”, 212 lbs, and athletic. I’ve completed 2 marathons and 1 triathlon; I now lift weights and bike. I have brown hair (head now shaved), hazel eyes and a BIG … black leather paddle! LOL.

I have solved the famous Zen koan (riddle):
Q) What is the sound of one hand clapping?
A) A spanking.
Hence, my email address is:
a Zen Koan + Hand =

I’m a gleeful spanker & Zen "MASTER" who enjoys pulling grown-up, dignified, elegant, high-heeled, stockinged women over my lap and turning them into squirming & struggling, squealing & shrieking, kicking & begging, crying & bawling, howling & blubbering-like-a-baby little girls with red, hot, swollen, throbbing bottoms (who are happy in "hindsight").

NOTE: I also give erotic massages designed to give you (at my command) wild screaming orgasms!

NOTE: Callable references available upon request. (Seriously!)


I’m open to almost anything, especially one of these 3: Having an LTR, teaching a novice, and being a ¨Daddy¨. (Since these 3 things are not mutually exclusive, it would be nice to have 2 or 3 in one person.)

I want a loving companion who is sincere, affectionate, intelligent and imaginative. Someone who is willing to experiment with (or is experienced in) the arts of submission, spanking, role-playing, bondage, etc.

Has the fantasy of being spanked excited you since girlhood, butt you've been too embarrassed (em-BARE-ASS-ed) to admit it or too scared to fulfill it? I love novices of any age and will be your teacher (or Daddy or boss). I'm very patient, respect limits (I use ¨safe words¨), and when you're ready will spank you till you cry or cum (usually simultaneously). I will teach you to trust, show you how to please me, and force you to comply. Why spend your life without living out this fantasy at least once? I can travel to visit you or host or put you up in NYC. Please tell me about your fantasies and experiences. The more I know the more fun we'll have.

I love being a ¨Daddy¨. In real life I AM a Daddy. Not long ago I was a Daddy for 2 years to a much-younger-than-me, mature female who moved in and lived with me. I enjoyed monitoring, directing, punishing, cuddling and comforting her. Her life greatly improved thanks to me. However, she’s no longer my little girl and I very much would love to find another.



I collect spanking pics and videos and would enjoy sending you some (or trading with you).

I spank:
(1) Virgin spankees looking to fulfill fantasies
(2) Female role players seeking a dominant partner to act out "real-life" spanking dramas
(3) Bratty little girls (disguised as grown women) who need to be soundly spanked
(4) Females who need monitoring, discipline, and punishment
(5) Multiple girls at once. (I have a broad lap!)
A broad lap = A lap made for broads (girls) to lie across. LOL.

Personal Quotes:
- "No pain; no gain"
- "You always hurt the one you love"
- "Girls Learn When Butts Burn"
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