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NYC Sex In The City Penthouse Party July 25th 2015 Couples & Single Ladies Wanted


Real Person
This is not a gangbang , We are not looking for single men , And we are not looking for BBW's
Single men find a date

Hello how are you. We are GeGe & Jazz. We are looking for attractive couples in the NYC tri state area that would be interested in attending a Swingers party that we are hosting on July 25th.
We booked a Duplex Penthouse in Midtown Manhattan and we are hosting our anual Sex In The City Penthouse Party.
We have a attractive crowd attending and we have alot of space. 7500 sq ft. We will have food , Chips water, soda and mixers Safe sex is strongly encouraged. 1.jpg 503713077_640.jpg 4617005160.jpg img_2161.jpg landingpic02.jpg lifestyleball3girls.jpg rulesslide.png We provide a no pressure atmosphere. Please remember the ladies are in charge. Through a careful process of selection, we successfully congregate an amazingly sexy group of attractive, open-minded and intelligent people with a common interest -- to explore and indulge their erotic pleasures in a shared space. Our swinger Parties are what most have said to be an educational experience. And we want to give you an education of what a Swinger party experience is all about.
We do have the party list posted if you would like to attend this event please sign up on the party list