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    We are staying near Heathrow, UK next weekend from the Saturday to the Tuesday, we are going to be at the Notting Hill carnival and we are looking for 1 or 2 VWE BBC to help us explore cuckolding/hotwife play, would like to push a few boundaries and have some serious adult fun, we are very open minded and chilled out and want to have fun not just sex. Would like to meet some one who can be Dom but not aggressively so, someone to make memories and moments that we will all look back on and say " Fuck that was good". We are open to suggestions and ideas but ideally if we all enjoy the first night, we would like you to invite another BBC to join us as well as mrs inked would like to try DP in the vagina and possibly anal as well. would prefer bareback as well. get in touch if interested
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    Would be interested also going to carnival