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    I had to keep on reminding myself that I was the
    newcomer here; that Rebecca had known Vince since grade
    school, long before he married her older sister. The
    three of them had practically grown up together, in a
    town not far from here.

    It didn't make it much easier to deal with the
    prick, but he was Rebecca's brother-in-law, and I had
    to put up with him. He made a constant show out of how
    much of a jerk he could be. Even Pam, Rebecca's sister,
    seemed surprised by her husband's behavior sometimes,
    but on the whole, everyone just seemed to let him do
    what he wanted.

    " So, Mike, are you boning my sister-in-law yet ? "
    Those were his first words to me.

    " It's Mark, " I corrected him, trying to dodge the
    question altogether.

    " Okay, Mack it is. Are you laying the pipe to her?"

    Rebecca just rolled her eyes and went to help her
    sister prepare dinner. I couldn't believe that Pam let
    him talk that way in front of the kids, but it seemed
    to pass unnoticed by the girls. His prickish behaviour
    was normal around here.

    Conversation at dinner was another challenge. I got
    along with Pam quite well, but whenever Vince spoke up,
    I had to bite my tongue. He made crude sexual remarks
    about both women at the table, and he relentlessly made
    fun of my job as a grocery store manager.

    " Gee, that's a tough job you got there, Milton. All
    the big decisions that must come across your desk all
    day... paper or plastic, ma'am ?"

    " Oh, leave Mark alone, " his wife said, starting to
    clear the table. I held back a few choice word about
    his job as a mechanic.

    I had been going out with Rebecca for a couple of
    weeks, and this was the first time I had met any of her
    family. She was quite close to her sister. They talked
    every night on the phone, even when Rebecca stayed over
    at my place. For that reason, I really wanted to make a
    good impression on this night, but Vince was making it
    a real challenge.

    When dinner was over, I sat and talked with Pam.
    Like her sister, she was a knockout, and really bright
    too. While I was busy talking, Rebecca asked Vince if
    she could speak to him alone, and they went into the
    other room. I suspected that she was trying to get him
    to behave a little better around me, and I can't say
    that I blamed her. He was being a total jerk.

    They came back into the room fifteen minutes later,
    but Vince still wasn't making much of an effort. He
    started talking about cars, and inevitably, went on to
    say how much of a piece of crap my car is. By the time
    the evening was over, I couldn't wait to get out of

    " I think that went really well, " Rebecca told me,
    on the drive home. She seemed really enthusiastic. "You
    fit in really well with my family. The girls adore
    you. "

    I couldn't argue that point. Rebecca's nieces were
    sweethearts, and her sister was fantastic.

    " Do you think that Vince has some sort of problem
    with me ?" I asked.

    " Oh, heck no. He can be a bit of a bully, but
    that's just because he's the macho type. Once he gets
    it out of his system, you'll get along fine."

    She paused for a minute, like she was considering
    saying something else.
    " God, I'm horny. " Rebecca declared, out of the

    " Really, " I asked hopefully. In the couple of
    weeks we'd been together, Rebecca had so far avoided
    sex. It was an odd sort of relationship. When Vince had
    been grilling me about our sex life, I didn't know
    which bothered me more; the crude question, or the
    embarrassing answer.

    Rebecca was a really sexy girl. She even talked
    openly about the sex she'd had in previous
    relationships. From the stories she told, inhibition
    definitely wasn't a problem. The first time she stayed
    over, I really thought that something would happen, but
    after a romantic evening, she just wanted to cuddle for
    a while, and fell asleep in my arms.
    That's the way it had been since.

    She even complimented me on 'being a gentleman', and
    not putting too much pressure on her. That made it
    really awkward for me to bring the topic up. So,
    despite the odd timing, I was excited to hear that
    Rebecca was thinking about sex.

    " I was wondering... when we get home, could you,
    uh, lick me ?"

    " Sure. " My enthusiasm was real.

    " I'm not sure I'd want to do anything else, but
    I'll make it up to you some other time. "

    " No problem. "

    At this point, I was going to take what I was given.
    Having a cutie like Rebecca around the house was
    keeping me almost constantly aroused. There are other
    things that I would have liked to have done to her, but
    this would be a nice start.
    I accelerated the car.

    Once home, Rebecca could hardly wait to get inside.
    During the car trip, she was so horny that she had even
    been massaging her pussy through her jeans.
    I unlocked the door, and she pulled me into the
    apartment. Inside, she didn't even wait to get to the
    bedroom. Rebecca unbuttoned her jeans, and in one
    smooth motion pulled both her jeans and her panties
    down to her knees.

    Whatever had got into her, I liked it. I got my
    first view of her beautiful pussy only seconds before
    she was urging me to my knees in front of her.
    The position felt a little odd. I'd never given oral
    sex to a woman while she was standing before. It seemed
    like a real role reversal. Nonetheless, when she leaned
    back against the wall, and pulled my face in towards
    her crotch, I was eager to whet my appetite.

    Rebecca was shaking with lust by the time my tongue
    touched her. Her whole crotch was wet from arousal. I
    licked back and forth across the length of her pussy,
    getting a good feel for what was turning her on. She
    jerked and gasped when my tongue pushed into her
    opening, but her biggest reaction was when my I gently
    probed her swollen clitoris.

    " Oh, right there, Mark... don't make me wait...
    suck my clit..."

    I had my hands around behind her, holding her ass.
    Her cheeks clenched with pleasure, and I could feel her
    tense muscles shudder with every touch of my tongue.
    Something had really worked her up.

    Taking her clit between my lips, I began to give it
    some gentle suction, while I ran my tongue across the
    sensitive flesh. Rebecaa went crazy. Her fingers dug in
    behind my ears as he body began to jerk violently
    against the wall. If we hadn't have been holding on to
    each other so tightly, her to my head, and me to her
    ass, her motions would have shaken me off target.
    Her wetness began to dribble down my chin.

    " Oh fuck... suck it Mark... you're such a good
    little cock sucker... keep sucking..."

    I wasn't sure I heard her right at first, but she
    continued her words as her body convulsed in orgasm.
    Her breathing was ragged with pleasure. Her legs were

    " Mmm... god damn... suck my cock while I cum,
    bitch... mmm nnnng... oh yes..."

    Her orgasm finally ceased, but her body was still
    shaking like a leaf. I had never known a woman to
    orgasm with that kind of intensity in my life. My face
    was soaked. She was so worn out, that she just stumbled
    into bed, without even bothering to get the rest of her
    clothes off, and crashed for the night.

    As strange as it was, I had actually enjoyed our
    little bit of sexual play, even though it left me
    sexually unsatisfied. I obviously wondered a bit about
    the way she called me a 'cock sucker' and told me to
    'suck her cock', but in the end, I just chalked it up
    to an odd sexual kink of hers.

    Over the next week, I tried to interest Rebecca in
    taking things a little further between us, but she
    always seemed reluctant, and I backed off. She still
    talked to me about the things she had done with
    previous lovers, which was just compounding my sexual
    frustration. By the time we went over to her sister's
    place again the next week, I was in no mood to deal
    with Vince.

    " Hey Marty, that fucking car of yours still
    running ? "

    I tried my best to remember what Rebecca had told me
    about his bullying tendencies. I hoped he got it out of
    his system soon. His taunting continued through dinner
    again, despite Pam and Rebecca's best efforts to get
    him to lay off.

    After dinner, it looked like they really wanted to
    set him straight.

    " Could you watch the kids for a few minutes, Mark ?
    Rebecca and I need to have a little talk with Vince,"
    Pam was being as diplomatic as she could, but she
    seemed a little flustered.

    " No problem. "

    I stayed in the one room with Rebecca's nieces,
    while the two women went to the other room to talk to
    Vince. Personally, I didn't think it was the greatest
    idea. One thing I knew about bullies was that once they
    knew that they were under your skin, they never let up.
    I wondered if the women's interference might just make
    the situation worse.

    After about twenty minutes of me playing with the
    nieces, the three of them came back from the next room.
    After that amount of time, I was a little curious about
    what was going on.

    Vince was still being a prick too. Not only was he
    still insulting me, but he had this really smug,
    arrogant manner now. It was like he was gloating or
    something. We left soon afterwards.

    " So, now that you know them better, how do you like
    my family ?"

    " Well, Pam is great, and the nieces are little
    angels. "

    " And Vince..."

    " You heard him. He doesn't give me the slightest
    bit of respect. "

    " Oh that. He probably just had a bad day at work.
    Don't be so sensitive. "

    I shook my head. I didn't want to talk about this
    Rebecca was staring at me from the passenger's seat.

    " What ?" I looked over at her. There was a glint in
    her eyes.

    " Do you think that we could do that thing we did
    last week again ?"

    " You're horny ?"

    She nodded. " Yeah. I'm really soaking. Do you want
    to do it again for me ?"

    Did I ever.
    I don't know what got into me. I should have felt
    frustrated, or cheated, or something. I had to go a
    full week without relief, while she walked around the
    apartment in the skimpiest of outfits, talking about
    her past boyfriends, and without regard to my pleasure,
    she wanted me to lick her to another orgasm. And here I
    was, feeling privileged that she was going to allow me
    to do it.

    Rebecca knew I wouldn't resist. She was already
    rubbing her pussy through her jeans in anticipation.

    She actually had me do it for her twice that week.
    That was a treat. Both times, she held my head to her
    pussy while she leaned back against the wall, and
    humped my face vigorously while she called me a 'cock
    sucker.' Each time, I ended up with a face full of her
    juices. This scene obviously excited her a lot.
    The second time we did it that week, it was after an
    extended phone conversation she had with her sister in
    the spare bedroom. Unlike most of the conversations she
    had with Pam, she closed the door to talk privately.
    When she came out, after an hour, she was so horny that
    she could barely stand up. I've never seen a girl so
    desperate to cum as Rebecca was then.

    When we were finished, she slumped back on the sofa
    with a satisfied grin.

    " That must have been one hell of a phone
    conversation, " I said, taking the seat across from

    " Mmm yeah. "

    " What were you talking about ?"

    She smiled. " Oh, just old times, back in the
    neighborhood. I'm not sure you'd want to hear about

    " Tell me about it. I really want to know. "

    " Okay, but you've got to promise not to get mad.
    Remember, you asked about it, and it was a long time

    " Uh huh. "

    Rebecca looked so satisfied, laying back on the
    sofa. My own cock was so hard that I couldn't sit
    comfortably. I could only hope that our relationship
    stopped being this one-sided sometime soon.

    " Well, " she started. " We were talking about some
    of our first sexual experiences. You know, the first
    time we gave blow jobs. We both learned together,
    actually. "

    " Really ? How did that happen ? "

    " It was before Vince and Pam started going out, but
    they were already good friends. He was hanging around
    the house a lot, because he had trouble with his own
    parents. He was the local bad-boy, and we both thought
    that he knew all sorts of stuff about sex. "

    I wasn't sure I wanted to hear this part, but she
    kept on going, watching me for reaction.

    " One day, we were all hanging out, and the topic of
    sex came up. Vince was bragging about how all the girls
    gave him blow jobs, and I think we were both
    embarrassed that we didn't know how to do it. Well, I
    don't know how he talked us into it, but he agreed to '
    train ' us on how to give a good blow job. "

    To say my feelings were mixed would be an
    understatement. On the one hand, the idea of Rebecca
    sucking Vince's cock really bothered me. I had to
    remind myself that it was many years ago, when they
    were teens. On the other hand, in my aroused state, I
    couldn't help but picture those two gorgeous sisters
    learning how to suck cock.

    " Does this turn you on ? " she asked me.

    " A little. "

    " You can jerk off if you want. I'll keep telling
    the story. "

    I couldn't help myself. As she continued, I unzipped
    my pants and began to stroke myself.

    " In no time at all, he had the both of us on our
    knees, " Rebecca continued. " First he stood in front
    of Pam, and had her lick him, and then he switched to
    me. It was the sexiest feeling, sharing his penis with
    my sister. Does that turn you on ?"

    " Yes. "

    I was stroking quickly now. Rebecca was watching me
    with interest, and something else... was it amusement ?
    Not quite, but close.

    " He took turns, first instructing Pam, and then me
    on how to suck a cock. He made a little game out of it,
    seeing who would get his cum. That first time it was
    me. He scolded me for not swallowing it for him. I knew
    better next time. "

    " Next time ? " Pre-cum was leaking down my shaft as
    I continued to jerk myself off. I couldn't help but
    imagine my sweet Rebecca sucking on Vince's cum that
    first time. How could I let a thing like that turn me
    on ?

    " Oh, after that he was over nearly every day. At
    first, his training was only for blow jobs, but later
    he trained us to do all sorts of other things for him
    and his friends. Oh, I can see that's getting you
    off... do you want to hear about the other things he
    trained us to do ? Yes ? I can see that you do. After
    teaching us how to worship his cock, he trained us to
    do it for his friends. "

    " Vince wanted us to learn how to strip for them. To
    show them our tits, and pussies. He trained us to drop
    to our knees, and suck his friends' cocks at his
    command. Isn't that dirty ? It's got you really worked
    up, doesn't it. He trained us to take it in the ass for
    his friends too. He really liked to see us, side by
    side, on our knees, being fucked in the ass by anybody
    he brought over. Oh, you're gong to cum aren't you ? "

    I nodded.

    " But he didn't let his friends use our pussies.
    That was only for him. God, he trained us to fuck him
    good. Does that turn you on too ? To think of Vince's
    cock in my pussy. You like that, don't you ?"

    I exploded all over my hand. The images of Rebecca
    and Pam being fucked by Vince's teen friends danced
    through my head. They were such nasty images. I
    couldn't believe they turned me on. But Rebecca could.
    She just watched me with that same expression of
    interest and amusement.

    We didn't talk about it again until we arrived at
    Pam and Vince's place on the weekend. I was really
    confused about my feelings. If it bothered me so much
    that an ass hole like Vince had fucked my girlfriend
    when she was younger, why did the images continue to
    propagate themselves in my mind. I tried to blame it on
    the fact that I wasn't getting laid, but even when I
    was jerking off twice daily, the images were there.
    When the topic was brought up again, it was by
    Vince, of all people, and at the dinner table.

    " I kind of envy you, Mitch, " he said, sounding
    sincere at first. " My little sister-in-law can really
    suck cock something fierce. I hope you're taking
    advantage of it daily. "

    My face flushed red. I looked around the table, but
    neither the nieces nor the women at the table were
    paying attention to his lewd comments. It burned me
    that he really knew what he was talking about, almost
    as much as it bothered me that I really didn't. Rebecca
    still hadn't so much as touched my cock.

    When was he going to get tired of bullying me ? Or,
    better, when was I going to get tired of accepting it.
    After dinner, it was the same old routine. We all
    went into the living room with the kids. Rebecca
    promptly excused herself to go to the other room. No
    explanation this time. Vince just followed with a smug
    grin on his face.

    A sick feeling hit me, and I couldn't shake it.

    " So I hear that they're going to call an
    election... " Pam tried to start conversation with me,
    but I couldn't keep my mind on it.

    Every week, we came over for dinner. Every week,
    Rebecca went into the other room with Vince, leaving me
    here with Pam or the kids. Each time after we left, she
    was horny as hell. Now, with what I knew about her
    history with Vince, I couldn't wipe the possibilities
    out of my mind.

    My eyes kept on wandering to the doorway to the
    other room. Pam's eyes followed mine. Did she know what
    I was thinking ? She seemed to be waiting to see what I
    would do. My face went red.

    Nothing. That's what I did. I sat there, and played
    with the little girls, while god-knows-what was going
    on in the next room. Pam watched me with almost the
    exact same mixture of interest and amusement that
    Rebecca had displayed on the previous evening. What
    kind of a wimp she must have thought me, that I
    wouldn't even get up and look.

    When Rebecca finally came back into the room, her
    hair was messed up, and her lipstick was smeared. Were
    those just details I had missed before ? God, the look
    on Vince's face was insufferable. Rebecca sat beside
    me, and snuggled close.

    Then she planted a kiss on my lips. There was a
    funny taste on her lips, but I tried to ignore it. Pam
    and Vince exchanged knowing glances. I needed to get
    out of there.

    On the way home, I almost blew up.
    " What were you two doing in the other room after
    dinner ?"

    " You don't really want to know, do you ?"

    Was that a confirmation ? I really wanted to hear
    it, but Rebecca seemed intent on avoiding the topic.

    " Come on Mark, I'm really horny now, and I don't
    want to talk about it. You and I both know that when we
    get home, you're going to help me out. You are, aren't
    you ?"

    She was talking as if nothing had happened.

    " You're going to drop to your knees, and lick my
    pussy until I cum all over your face. Aren't you ? God,
    can't you see how horny I am ?"

    Rebecca was kneading her pussy through the fabric of
    her jeans.

    " Aren't you, dear ? " she continued. " You'll be my
    little cock-sucker, won't you ?"

    My face flushed red. I knew that I would.

    The entire week was hell for me. I was so ashamed
    of myself. As much as I tried to fool myself, every
    instinct told me what was happening between Rebecca and
    Vince during their weekly visits. The scene was burned
    into my head. I thought about the smug look that was
    plastered across his face when he came out of the room.
    I thought of the way that Pam was watching me for a

    Rebecca wasn't denying anything. She wouldn't even
    talk about it.

    She had no doubt that I would do what she wanted.
    After all, I had been all too eager to lick her wet
    pussy afterwards. Even as I was doing it, I imagined
    scenes from the story Rebecca told me. I thought about
    Vince training her to suck cock, and to take it up the
    ass for his friends.

    I had no idea what had gotten into me; why I was
    allowing all of this to turn me on so much.
    Inevitably, the weekend came, and we went over for
    our weekly visit with Rebecca's sister. I was tense all
    of the way through dinner. Vince was still picking on
    me, but that wasn't what was bothering me. It was the
    way that the three of them were looking at me.

    They were excited. No question about it. They were
    amused too. I couldn't shake the feeling that I was the
    subject of an inside joke between Rebecca and her

    When dinner was over, the moment came that I

    I sat there with one of the girls on my lap, while
    Vince took my girlfriend into the next room. Pam was
    watching me, as she had the previous week. As every
    minute passed, my tension increased. How could I sit
    there and do nothing ? Pam must have been thinking the
    same thing. I couldn't even look at her.

    Rebecca finally came back. My heart was in my
    throat, but my cock was so very hard. I knew that she
    would want me to lick her, and, god help me, I was
    anxious to do it for her.

    As soon as we got into the door of the apartment,
    Rebecca was ready. If at all possible, she was even
    more excited than on the previous weeks. I dropped to
    my knees in front of her as she wriggled out of her
    jeans and wet panties.

    Something was different. My heart was racing. To my
    disgust, her pussy was absolutely covered in a thick
    layer of semen. I looked up at Rebecca. Her eyes were

    This was the final moment. There was no pretending
    now, and no going back.

    " Come on Mark, you know who's cum that is. Don't
    you ?"

    " Yes. " I whispered. It had been seeping out of her
    on the drive home, and I could see that is also covered
    the crotch of her panties.

    " I just ... know... that you're going to lick it
    for me... mmm."

    Her body shivered a bit as she said it. She was so
    excited, I think she had a little orgasm just from
    thinking about it. More of the mixed cum oozed out of
    her used pussy.

    " Start with the crotch of my panties, " Rebecca
    instructed. " I was rubbing myself all the way home,
    and I'm sure they're just soaked. "

    I was disgusted and aroused all at the same time.
    While she watched me from above, I lowered my face into
    the crotch of her panties, and began to lick up the
    juices that had pooled there. She continued to talk as
    I humiliated myself.

    " Oh, I've been looking a long time for a guy like
    you, Mark. I knew from the first time I saw you that I
    had to handle you just right. Oh, but it was worth it.
    I'm going to marry you, you know. You're just the kind
    of guy to treat me right, and to help raise my
    children. "

    And to lick the crotch of her dirty panties,
    apparently. The taste of Vince was strong in my mouth.
    When the panties were clean, I raised my mouth to her
    upper thighs, and began to lap up the cum that was
    dribbling down her legs. She was shaking, and took hold
    of the back of my head.

    " You're cute, and hardworking, and sensitive...
    you're everything a girl could want in a husband. But
    you're also my little cock sucker. Unngh... you like to
    lick up cum... don't you... oh god, you like to lick
    Vince's cum from my pussy lips... when we get married,
    you'll do a lot of that. He wants me to start having
    babies, you know..."

    My shame kept on growing. The more she degraded me,
    the more hungrily I licked Vince's cum from her pussy
    lips. Finally, I stuck my tongue into her, and began to
    suck the juices directly from the source. Rebecca was
    grinding herself into my face.

    " Oh, god, that's right, you cock sucking bitch...
    suck my cum... you love the taste of it... oh, this is
    so good... "

    I could feel a powerful orgasm beginning to wrack
    her body.

    " Vince is going to be so glad to hear that you're
    ready for your... training. "