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NEW, White Cuckold

All us other cucks are always wanting to meet guys like us just to know that we aren't the only ones. As far as advice the best I can give is to communicate, support, & love. Communicate your desires with her & be willing to accept the fact that her desires may not be the same as yours. support her regardless, she should be your queen her happiness comes before all others. Love her, be sure that she is never in doubt that you love her. If she does cuck you with black guys she may not want to be penetrated by you anymore, be prepared to accept that & love her & support her decisions & find new ways to make love to her.

One Small Dick

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It's also important that you have no desire to, and definitely will not ever step out on her and she needs to know this. You should let her know quite often that you will always be faithful to her at the same time you are supporting and encouraging her sexual freedoms to fuck other men.

As far as you having sex with her yourself, I feel it's best to let her not only control that but initiate it also. If she wants it or needs it she will let you know that. If she doesn't then you must understand that her desires and needs are being met and provided by the black man so you may be in need but most likely she is not. And her sexual satisfaction among other things are a priority and must be addressed asap.

Would love to see those pics you mentioned.
AH I've been trying to click upload a file and it looks like it works before I submit it.. I"ll look into this.

As for advice I just want to know… "is this a good idea for my gf to try bbc" at first and I would love to talk more about details and strategy later.


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But dont forget "once you go black, you never go back ". If she tries à bbc to be pounded like à white female deserves it, you may lose her .... or become like me a black cock addict too !