new to the site, but instantly hooked

hey all :) i was surfing on the other night and was redirected here. for the past few years i've been watching IR porn pretty extensively. i have had a few experiences with g/f's fucking black guys, but it was all consensual, meaning i was part of the action and it was more about her pleasure than degrading me. i'm a fit and average looking guy. cut & shaved on the 7" side, i'm happy with what i was given.

very early in life i came in contact with IR porn and cucking. my first experience watching porn was when i found my dad's stash. in it consisted of mostly big black guys banging out white women or women pegging guys. i thought all of this was normal and began watching every bit of it i could and began to dig deeper into his stash. after looking at his collection and searching around other places when no one was home i found tons of evidence leading up to the fact that my parents were swingers and my mom definitely had a black b/f.

before this turns into a legit story post, i'll end this here. as i stated on my profile, i just find IR porn/sex to be really hot. i'm into the idea of being dominated by another man over my g/f and i, i'm just into the pleasure the woman recieves.

hit me up if you want to know more.