New couple to this scene.


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just found this place but it seems to have likeminded people. My gf is new to bbc but after a few experiences she's ready to get penetrated by one. Was wandering where to go from here. We wanted to work her up to a gang bang and try out some fantasies she has in mind. Where is the best place to find a group?
Hello and welcome to the lifestyle. I'e had quite a few firsts with couples. I think the best way is to try a few online sites like this one until you see something that fits what you want.
I suggest Craigslist ads too. They are hit or miss but be very specific about what you are looking for.
Kik groups are growing popular. Maybe you can find a BBC Kik group up there in Detroit.
We have a BBC Kik network here in Austin you can meet guys (like me) go to meet-ups (no pressure to be active), attend parties, etc. maybe there is something like that in your area. -Mike