My white as black

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  1. 100xJA

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    my monster white cock

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  2. MWC4BLK

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    Sorry that's a dick, not a cock! For us it has to be black to be a Real cock, just saying.....
  3. catalist121

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    Opps - you wandered onto the wrong site unless there are some black ladies here looking for a man like you lol
  4. 100xJA

    100xJA New Member

    haha, :) great posts, i am sad becouse there no more ansvers ! Can i join and have fun here? :D you can call me "black man" or swc (smal white cock) haha :D i am for joking here, not necessary to fuck, i am from Serbia- here no BBC :D
  5. flsubboy4u

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    your dick is large by White standards. However, it does not compare with 98% black men's cocks on this site alone.
    Face it, white males can not be "bulls" You may be better than average white boi but, you aren't anywhere near as good as a black stud and never will be. It isn't your fault. You just screwed at birth. You can't move like a black man, you can't screw like a black man, you don't have the awesome attitude of a black man and you need to learn your place in this world. that's all I have to say. Except for one more thing. Look around this sight and you may learn why black men rule and white boys don't.