My President is Black ....

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    My President is black,
    My Master in my dreams too..
    I long to suffer with pleasure Right beside you....
    My King My Love...
    Your strong embrace...
    I love every drop of you...
    And your Ebony taste...
    It taste so good
    I have to stand and say...
    I humbly surrender to you ...
    And your passion and beauty.
    All my life I've lusted ....
    I've waited patiently
    For my shyness to subside
    And finally be clear
    Their is only one kind
    Only one kind indeed
    That can stimulate
    A lady in need LANA MASON.jpg LANA MASON.jpg
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    Looks nice n thick but can we get a few more better views Hun?
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    Very nice lady and bike! :cool: