My Introduction

Hello, I am a white male, very happy in life, other than I have yet to find the woman of my dreams. The woman of my dreams? Well, to the single women on this site I would ask:

Does your ideal fairytale romance involve being loved and served by a white knight who treats you like a princess on a pedestal; someone whose always there to put on your glass slippers so you can go to the ball and enjoy the courtships of ebony kings, men whom you believe nature has decreed as the rightful lords over your body? Do you long for a Romeo that will always make way for your Othello and otherwise treats you as his Juliette for all the days of his life? If so, then I invite you to write and see if I might be the one who could bring you a charriot and take you to a place where you could live happily ever after as my Queen of Spades:)

Love the group and look forward to being an active member!