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Model Ashley Graham Married to Black Man

are you surprised? the average white guy does not want her he pull that then he starts riding her ass about her weight. brothers you have run into the bonified PAWGs who hate the fact the black men after her? I work with some them, one is married; I saw her at the grocery store with here husband, but I played it cool. I could tell she did not want her old man to know she knew me when i saw her at work she was very talkative. The another one is from the suburbs of Chicago, at first, she was very standoffish she still holding out for a white guy but she is about 5-11 and over 200 lbs great boobs and wide hips she agreed to meet for a meal but when i tried to pin her down she started dancing around the date so i put her in deep freeze
Wow! Instagram took this picture off Ashley's page and Maxim's page. Must be some people at Instagram who don't like seeing a strong black man grabbing a beautiful white woman's tits.