Mid 40's Couple Midlands UK

We are a mid forties, long time married couple from the Midlands UK half way between Derby and Birmingham.
We enjoy making friends with black guys as well as having sex, friendship is very important.
We started in 2007 and met a black guy who blew our mind sexually and supplied the orgasms via intercourse never encountered before during 20 years of marrage. We have since made 3 more black friends that can be called upon. It has been an incredible 4+ years up to now and we must admit, BBC changed our lives for the better, we are just as close, love each other as much but the actual mind blowing orgasmic sex is privided by our black friends.
We are always looking to meet new black guys but they seem few and far between in the Midlands UK (decent guys that is).
If you like the sound of us please get in touch.