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Mature women

is there any white mature married women that have only just had there first bbc and if so how was the experience...I'm 50 now and only been with hubby but we both would like to give it a go .
I went black while still in college, but later married Hubby. I was the good wife and mother for years until my former boss reintroduced me to BBC in my early forties!:DAfter cheating on Hubby with black men, I'm FINALLY getting Hubby to try openly sharing me with black men.:)I'm married to my best friend and if I can keep that and have BBC too, I'll be a VERY happy girl!:wub:
Thank you very much for your reply...like I said I have only been with my hubby but we both interested in a black man to join us I've never had a black cock but have watched videos with hubby whitch turn us on very much please forgive the spelling x