Massage turns into Interracial Anal sex

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    One of Hubby's friends came over the other night to give me a massage, wasn't long into the massage before he got to my lower back and ass. Shortly after, my panties were pulled to the side, and i felt him using the cream to lube me up. After a few tries, he could only manage to get the head in and ended up slipping into my pussy. He fucked me into a couple orgasms all the while lubing and prepping my ass. When i was finally loosened up enough to try my ass again, this time he slipped in just beautifully and we both went for a wild anal ride!

    here are the pics hubby got to enjoy, and we think you all should enjoy them too ;)

    IMG-20150408-WA0031.jpg IMG-20150408-WA0032.jpg IMG-20150408-WA0033.jpg IMG-20150408-WA0034.jpg IMG-20150408-WA0035.jpg IMG-20150408-WA0036.jpg IMG-20150408-WA0037.jpg