Magical Evening!

Dressed to impress with dress/skirt revealing the cruves with heels literally screaming "fuck me please"; you have be on your favourtite lingerie or you can choose to wear mine which is "no panities"...grab, push and pin her against the wall, while whispering my sweet secrets into your ear, my hands will be under your dress/skirt filling you up and i shall let you feel the thrust of my cock on your crotch but i'm not making any penetration yet. you know you’re about to have your pussy pounded by a giant black cock. i shall let you undo my zipper and let you slip out my cock and suck it through the pants; you're on your knees, grabbing it with two hands and stuffing it into your little mouth to deepest depth and inbetween i'll be slapping it against your face...get you up and let stand and spread your legs aparts while still in those heels, i will make my into you from behind, starting slowly to fast pace while my cock soars through your pussy, my balls will be clapping on your ass creating a perfect backgound music for the evening and i shall lead you to sit on my cock; you can’t even get most of it down as you moans, screams and twitches; every few thrusts as i pound you away; you collapse on the bed in delight, but I immediately turn you off and gets on top of you, putting my cock into you; I’ll placing your legs on my shoulders and starts absolutely tearing your pussy apart. when the time is right, i shall reward you with my loads as i shoot at your pleasure!