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Looking for Hung Black Man, or men.

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I am 24, white, BBW...

I have a boyfriend, but I also have a fantasy about meeting with a Black man, or 2, or 3.. (with a BIG cock).
Basicly, I want to be picked up, go out for drinks, go to a club, go shoot pool, or something like that, then head back to his place for a night of kinky fun, then be dropped off at home.
The "catch" is that I want to be able to send my boyfriend kinky little text messages and cell phone pics/videos all night teasing him about what I am doing. I would also like to bring a camera, and video recorder along so that when I go home at the end of the night, I can seriously tease the hell out of my Boyfriend with what I did all night.

I am in Sacramento CA, and I also smoke.....
and yeah, My Boyfriend DOES know about all this ;-)
Not open for further replies.