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Ladies - Let me be your bisexual cuck - adventure for both of us!

I am a handsome guy intrigued by the power exchange and roleplay of being on my knees to suck and be taken roughly by a well hung bull. I speak for lots of white guys that would love to play this role, but need a woman to join me who wants to fill the role of the hotwife going black. Ladies, I am in the Seattle area. If you need a handsome 6'2" late 40s athletic and fit guy to be your bisexual cuck, let's talk!


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Sorry you didn't seem to get a response. I had been after my wife for years to let the hotwife genie out of the bottle. She didn't want to be thought of as a slut. So one night, I grabbed her biggest (14") dildo out of her bedside table. Stood at the foot of the bed waving it at her. She flashed a "here we go again" look at me. I lubed it up walked right beside her, lifted my leg and proceeded to fuck myself with it. I proceeded to tell her that in my teens and early twenties I really preferred sucking and being fucked by guys to fucking girls. She grabbed the dildo and began fucking me in earnest with it. "So that's why you want me fucking other guys...so you can get some too?" Her question and tone portended her base desire. I told her I wouldn't turn down the opportunity, but it came down to two primary things. First, before she and I got together she never had a single boyfriend...always in multiples and they all got to fuck her as much as she wanted them to. Second, I really needed to do pervy things with her (i.e., kiss her as she was being fucked by another dude, lick her pussy to get it ready, hold her hand while he was mounting her, guiding his dick into her fur box, etc.) that she alone could provide me with. Third, I really, REALLY like creampie; I developed a taste for it in high school. Fourth, she has always been too much woman for one man to handle. Lastly, (at least I told her) I wouldn't turn away an opportunity to suck or fuck her bull.

It took us ten years to come to that point in our relationship. She also harbored the false thought that I was trying to get her to fuck other guys so I could fuck other women. Twenty years later and she knows that is not the case. She has had a few dozen regulars over the years, some tries and fails and we have shared about ten long-term FWBs. She is in charge of scouting them out and always seems to find respectful, well-hung and energetic bulls...SORRY, but we never discriminate...AFTER ALL...a fuck is a fuck!

Keep looking...there are more and more women looking for this lifestyle every day. GOOD LUCK & GOOD COCK!!!