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Jouney into Houston, Texas


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I’d been keeping in touch with several white couples and hot wives located in and around Houston and what made the experience even sweeter was that neither of them were fakers. Oh yes, there’s plenty of those online, and I get pissed meeting some of them. Anyway, I was happy southern couples aren’t as fake as much of the ones I’ve met living middle part of the country. Although I didn’t have as much time on hand. If maybe I was spending three weeks in the U.S., and not two, I know I’d have made more connections than I ought to have.

So there I was: I packed a bag on Friday 17th February ’12, with few clothes and my laptop and cell phone, and went to the Greyhound Express on 42nd Street and got myself a ticket right down to the south. It was a pretty long trip, and I spent the next two nights on the road just heading down south. I arrived in new Orleans in time for the Mardi Gra season, though couldn’t stay for it. I arrived Houston the following night. It was dark, quiet, and creepy outside the station. I mean it was so dark, I thought I was in the Twilight Zone.

A good thing I managed to find myself a motel in the heart of the city. This was past midnight and I had to pay extra to get a room. Money off my pocket, and that didn’t make me happy, but the feel of a bed was something I’d pay a fortune for. Early morning arrived and I gave one of the couples whom I was keeping tabs with and we talked on the phone and the hubby gave me road directions on how to get there. They lived in the far edge of the city, and took just about an hour getting there; I was afraid I’d gotten lost or something till I arrived at their home...

GO here for more:http://blackmastershango.blogspot.com/2012/02/journey-in-houston-texas.html
i told you we were only 1.5 hours from charlotte! you said you had to travel to texas...thought your plans were determined. had no idea you were quite so flexible in your schedule. when we communicated it seemed to me that you were precise in where you wanted to go.